Sudden Rush

It’s almost as if the last five weeks didn’t happen.

That’s what’s so horrible about the return to uni. I sit here at my computer, again, and feel like I’ve never been away. The only obvious signs of difference are that above me on the shelf are a couple of DVDs and Nintendo DS games that I didn’t have before Christmas.

The journey back yesterday was long, boring and painful. The pain came from the fact that I had to haul my ludicrously heavy bags from Hull coach station back to my house. I was too stingy to pay for a bus, so I just walked it instead. Then I went shopping for food, and because there was nothing left in the house I had to buy lots of it. Which also means carrying it back. My shoulders and arms took another bashing.

So my arms hurt today. As does my neck as it will take a few days before I get used to a different bed. The worst feeling this morning was waking up, hearing my alarm and reaching over to turn it off… and hitting the bedroom wall. My alarm clock is on a different side of the bed here than back at home, so my brain was obviously still a few hundred miles away in my other bed.

But everything else is back to normal. The routine that I follow here is slightly different to back at home… but I’ve slipped back into it effortlessly. Apart from the bit that requires me to work. That will take a little more motivation. I had intended to go the library this morning to look at past exam papers but due to the fact that it’s pissing down outside I’m really struggling to get going. I will go, just not right now. Maybe in half an hour or so.

No. Actually, I’m going now. I’m bored. Let’s go get wet. Yes, I know I only had a shower an hour ago, and the rain will make my hair greasy again… but what can I do? This is England, after all. It always rains.

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