It’s probably not a good thing to admit to, but I have just realised it’s been about 6 days since I last left the house. And by left the house I mean went out and did something. Taking recycables to the box outside doesn’t count. There’s just nothing to do at the moment, but the end is nigh. I normally go out somewhere at the weekends, either to visit someone, go shopping or watch some football but the bad weather has put paid to that. A bit of a shocking discovery.

So it’s been a fairly anticlimactic end to my stay here. On Wednesday I head back for Hull on a stupid coach journey. But it is cheap and it is available, unlike the trains. It’s startling that 5 weeks have whizzed by. But it’s probably just as well that it’s all over now. I have to get back to my life. Not that I equate my life with leaving home… it’s just the fact that I have work to do away from here, whereas at home I just sit around and do little other than stuff to keep the house clean. I figure that I spent most of my pre-University life in this house not helping out much that I have to make up for it now.

These last two days are to be used fairly wisely. I intend to visit my grandparents and after that hope that they’ll both still be here by the time I next return at Easter. It’s not a long time, but it is still time nevertheless, something that I worry there is not much left of. I hope I’m worrying needlessly, but I do seem to worry about this more than I used to these days. In many respects I will be relieved to come to the end of my time living away from home, but none more so the fact that I will at least be closer to the family again.

I think about the time to come to Easter with a slight degree of trepidation. Easter holidays might be non-existent this year if I don’t do enough work on the dissertation early. I have exams approaching imminently, but I think I can deal with those in my stride. The rest of the work is what worries me.

The times ahead are probably going to be the hardest I have ever worked in my life. I suspect they will eventually be surpassed by the PGCE year, but that’s still in the future. The here and now is what is important. Though at the same time I’m weirdly looking forward to having something to do again. I’ll be regretting saying that within a week, just you watch.

It’s been good to be home for this long. I’ve enjoyed it, and being back makes me look forward to it all over again next time. I know I have more of a long slog to go… but I suspect the harder I work the quicker the time will fly.

And so it’s back to the Student House. Bollocks. There are good friends waiting there, but the awkward silences around the less friendly members of the household are not enjoyable. Perhaps I will be thankful for the work I have which ties me to my room and the library. The fewer social encounters with them the better…