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I’m not sure what I’ve been doing since my last post but whatever it is it’s taken up a lot of my time. I seem to have been pretty busy most days, but my definition of busy is stretched to breaking point when it includes things like playing on Guitar Hero III on the Xbox 360. That has been too much fun.

The other thing occupying my time has been too much food. Well, it has been the festive season after all. I have put on a whole 1kg of weight in the past four weeks. That always happens every Christmas though. I have been monitoring this for years now. That’s what happens when you stuff your face with big dinners and then cakes and chocolate. Then again, I was a bit underweight anyway. So no real harm done. Ish.

But now it’s all over. The Christmas tree came down yesterday in line with proper tradition at the end of the 12 days of Christmas (funny how I observe such traditions despite being an atheist). It’s a sad moment but it is also something positive too. Because now every day is another step towards brighter, sunnier, warmer times. Hopefully. Last summer certainly wasn’t any of those three. But at least the daylight hours are getting longer. The dark winter evenings make me quite depressed, but at least there is always something to look forward to in Christmas. Now it’s gone we have to get out of this hole quickly…

Today is the first day my brothers and sister go back to school, and with my mum and dad also in work, the house has been restored to the calm and quiet that I enjoyed during the first week I came home. This is actually not a good feeling because it happens every time I come home. It means I mill around here with not all that much to do but to wait the depressing inevitable of returning to university.

Though I shouldn’t complain too much because I get way more holidays than other people. Looming on the horizon though is my exams, which are on the 21st and the 24th of January. I’m not too concerned about them in all honesty because they are two modules which I have enjoyed and a lot of the material has stuck first time around. I will do my revision when I get back. I hope I don’t live to regret taking an extra week off, cos I know other people have started revising now. But going by my previous standards, if I started revising now I would be so utterly, thoroughly bored of it within a few days, never mind by the time of the exam. I prefer short sharp but intense periods of revising. It’s worked for me all my life, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t now. Famous last words.

Two days ago was my grandad’s 76th birthday. The whole family (well almost) went for a meal to celebrate, which was really nice. I don’t know how many more of them we will get all together, but for now I should be thankful. July, and my graduation, can not come quick enough. I want to make my last two remaining grandparents proud before it’s too late.

Let the flying of time continue.

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