It had to happen some time. Another brand new year arrives.

The New Year was brought in with the usual bang. We had a party here for all the family. Or at least those bits of the family that bothered to turn up. Unfortunately it wasn’t as good as previous years due to the absence of some parts of our family for rather difficult reasons. But it still went on till 5am, which was just enough time for me to see New York’s famous celebrations on TV. I always like seeing that.

I noticed it was missing something though. We sang Auld Lang Syne on the street, as usual, but we didn’t quite get into it this year. I detected an odd sense of foreboding amongst everyone. It was strangely subdued. I suspect it’s because we are all beginning to get the sad feeling that this is not going to be a good year. The health of elder family members does not last forever, and my grandad is progressively getting worse with his memory, struggling to hold a conversation with people because he can’t stay focused on what he is trying to tell you.

I look ahead to 2008 with some trepidation, excitement and worry. For me personally, this is now the big one. I’ve been leading up to this moment for a considerable degree of time now. By July I should have graduated. With what I don’t know, but I’m crossing my fingers for a 2:1 because anything more than that is inachieveable. By September I should be doing the PGCE course.

I don’t plan to achieve anything else this year. These are only two different things, but they are pretty significant in terms of my life. I’m nearly there now. This is the last big push. The big wide world, so ludicrously wide and so massively unexplored by me, is coming towards me. It shows just how much society has changed when only a generation ago people left home at 16-18, were getting married not long afterwards and having kids. Here’s me, 22, not having done any of that.

But the day is approaching. I feel in a limbo of “moved out though not yet fully”. And it will actually get worse if I live here during my PGCE study. That option is on the cards, and it’s probably one I will take. But I could look elsewhere. If I do, I suppose that will be a pretty major development this year. Watch this space.

In the equivalent post this time last year I predicted a lot would fall into place in 2007, and it did. I’m not going to make the same prediction this year… as I see this year as yet another in the holding pattern of biding my time for the big one. Now that I’ve got my 2008 plans sorted, it’s just a case of rolling with them.

So let’s do it. Happy New Year.

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