Over We Go: And Let The World Go By

And so here we are, again, at the end of another year.

I like to label my years when I look back, and I think, on balance that 2007 was a Good Year. It started badly, as I suffered with the battle that was working for an MP. That took up the first five months of this year. It got easier as it went along, especially as I could see the end approaching, but he was still a pain.

After that, I had a long summer from June to September. The first two months of that were working in my local school, which was a lot of fun and kept me occupied. The net result of that was a couple of boxes of chocolates, some cards and a £20 voucher. Which ended up being spent on a Christmas present for my brothers. Hmm.

September to December – back in University. The first time since May 2006. It’s been hard work, though I think I’ve handled it pretty well. It’s not been as good as I thought it would be living with former housemates, largely because one of my housemates has changed quite a lot with the addition of a girlfriend… who I don’t get on with particularly well.

The uni work itself has been tricky, and it will continue to be next year. It’s the dissertation that has been the real eye-opener, and I will have to keep up the hard work next year.

Really, the only other thing that has happened in my life has been the successful application to go to do a teaching PGCE. That has opened the next chapter in my life. Well, it allows me to open a new chapter. Probably one that was unexpected, in all honesty. But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Even if I change my mind in the future, I hope to at least get this qualification so that I can open the door if I want to go through it.

Otherwise, the family is all OK, thankfully. Everyone is growing up at the same pace as me. My youngest brother is being a nuisance, but trying fairly hard in school. My other brother is too laid back about it, and is sure not to get the qualifications he needs to go to university. My elder sister is trying to get herself into the world of work by training to be a nurse, and my youngest sister is doing OK in her new secondary school. And my mum and dad seem to be OK too.

So, all is well for the most part. Another year successfully negotiated. That’ll do me nicely.