Last year, and all other years, I missed the exact anniversary of my blog. Its blirthday. What annoys me about this occasion is that I came up with both of those words totally independently… and out of curiosity I typed them into Google, getting 173,000 results for “blogiversary” but a slightly more respectable 974 for “blirthday”. Though the last one sounds rubbish, so it’s not worth reusing.

Three years of blogging officially ends today, and I enter the fourth tomorrow. However, come 2008 and I will have posted blog posts in five different years. It’s been good fun. I enjoy writing this stuff into the official archives. Just hope have good backups, cos one day I’m sure all of this will go tits-up and all the billions of words of wonderful prose written by such fantastic authors as myself will be consigned to /dev/null (now there’s a geeky joke for you).

I hope it can continue. I don’t see any reason why I won’t be able to. The strength of it is in the anonymity. I know when I look back it sometimes makes it frustrating as I don’t know sometimes who I’m talking about when I refer to other people. But it’s probably better that way. I only blog every few days, and so what I get on here is really only a very small snapshot of my life (for example, this is only the 275th post in three years). In that case, it would probably be unfair and unrepresentative if some people are given special status in my archives.

By also being careful about who and what I refer to, I severely reduce the chances of being detected. I know a friend who used to write an anonymous blog about his job working in an Asda superstore. It took three months of blogging before he was found out because he was overly specific with some events, which fellow colleagues managed to co-incidentally stumble upon. Luckily, he hadn’t written anything too controversial, but they did recommend he stopped writing it. And he did.

I have almost no readers. That doesn’t bother me. I’m writing for me, and have said so on endless occasions. I have often thought maybe I should put this blog into private mode so that I can go into full detail with names and all events of life. But then I find that unsatisfying. Somehow I like the idea that what I’m publishing is open, available and being written into the permanent record of the collective efforts of humankind. Plus, I think if I went private I would probably write too many vindictive things about the people that annoy me. This makes me more careful, because as I say above, it would probably be unfair.

So long may this continue.

And let the final Christmas preparations commence. Outside, the sky and the clouds are a wonderful pink colour. Not seen that for a long time.

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