Baking? Easy!

As Christmas gets ever closer, I begin to worry more and more that Mr Postman is not delivering the goods. We have now had two days in which we’ve not received any post, despite us being deluged by post in the days before that, and with lots of stuff on order.

I stupidly placed an order from a website in Singapore, not realising that that was where my music CD that I’ve bought for my sister was going to come from. They claim they will deliver in 7 days, but I have a feeling that that won’t be happening somehow. I ordered it on Monday night, and it has to get here by the final post on Monday morning. Bugger.

As usual, something goes wrong. I have an order from eBuyer on the way, which has somehow managed to disappear off my login records, even though my card has been charged. This happened last time, though the order did turn up. I just couldn’t track its progress, which is always reassuring. Especially when the courier, City Link, attempt a delivery and don’t bother to leave a note to say they’ve tried but no one was in.

But those are all the tedious commercialised aspects to Christmas. The one discovery I have made in the past few weeks is how to use an oven to cook things other than frozen pizzas. Last Sunday I baked an Irish soda bread using my friend’s recipe, and then last night I made a lot of small cakes (though with the help of my sister…). Today I intend to make some flapjacks. I suspect I could soon be very fat by the time this holiday is over.

Cooking has always been something I’ve hated doing. It’s just so tedious. When I get hungry, I generally need to eat within the next 20 minutes. The thought of having to plan in advance, preparation and so on is depressing. I hate thinking about food, because I know that if I do I get hungry within minutes. Like now, despite having my breakfast an hour ago, I’m now wondering what I’ll have for lunch because writing about it here has kicked off that train of thought.

Food is a distraction. In fact, I’ve often noticed when I’m working hard on something I am less likely to notice that I’m approaching feeding time at the zoo. The more bored and inactive I am, the more I want to eat as soon as possible. Gives me something to do I guess. Which gives a complete lie to idea of “working up an appetite”. My body seems to operate in reverse.

Such as the past few days when I’ve been doing some website coding for a friend of mine. It’s all coming together very nicely. And when I work on it, I get so engrossed (especially when accompanied by music on the old MP3 player) that I lose track of time.

You can tell I’m having a very easy life at the moment…

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