Home Once Again

It’s good to be back home and cribbing from someone else’s electricity and gas bill again. At least it’s warmer here than my house in Hull. That’s a good start. And there’s also lots more entertaining things to do here.

Though there is one important issue at the moment, and that is the proximity of Christmas. I have yet to do any Christmas present buying. Nor have I any clue about what to buy people. This is a worry. This time last year I’d pretty much got everything sorted by now. This year for some reason everyone seems to be really hard to buy presents for. They’re either all fussy buggers or they want computer games which are £40 and beyond. Too much for a poor student.

Yesterday I went on the Christmas day out with the football team that I’m the treasurer of. We got free tickets to attend the football game of our local Premiership club (which was very nice of them) and it was a cracking game, one of the best I’ve been to. We got seats right behind the goal. We tried to get our team’s picture taken on the pitch, but the stewards wouldn’t let us, sadly, despite the fact that another local youth football team had had theirs taken on the pitch at half time. I guess we didn’t have the right “connections”!

Then there was the shocker last night. Leon won the X Factor. Astounding. Not much better than a pub singer, ten-a-penny Leon managed to croon his way into the hearts of the nation with endless tear-jerking films about how he’s “doing it for his mum” etc etc. Quite possibly the most undeserving winner since Steve Brookstein; the judges regularly panned Leon every single week for the first 8 or so shows. Perhaps they realised that he was likely to win and started to tone it down towards the end. After all, Simon Cowell, who often commented about Leon’s charisma free personality, was one of his harshest critics. The Christmas Number 1 is assured anyway.

I feel dirty for writing the above paragraph. I hate reality TV… I really do. But X Factor suckers me in every year like a fool. I can’t help liking music, and I suppose this is one excuse for it. It’s nice to keep up with at least one aspect of popular culture. Still, it’s over now, and I’m sure after the Xmas single Leon will fade into obscurity after the obligatory first album of covers.

Now, the quest begins. Where can I buy wheatgerm from? I wanted to make some Irish soda bread for my family using the recipe one of my housemates, which I really enjoy eating. But alas, wheatgerm is extremely difficult to locate. I should have brought some home with me from the poncey food shop. But there are no poncey food shops back where I live. This is authentic Northernness.

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