All’s Fair

And so, another academic semester comes to an end. Today I had my last tutorial, and I am heading for home later this afternoon. It’s all gone by so quickly, but that might be because it’s been so asymmetrical. Next semester will both start and finish with an exam period. Ouch.

The past couple of weeks have been a gentle close to the year. It’s not quite time to reflect on 2007… that will come up shortly… but recently, it’s been pretty good. I have even had the joy of getting paid to help out on a university open day, something which is normally a voluntary thing. I think they felt sorry for those of us who help out on a regular basis and never get any proper reward. Well, this time we did!

It’s been good to get back down to work. I have needed to feel like a student again since the break of the last academic year. Much as it pains me to admit it, I am an academic kind of person. I have grown to love the process of learning, the excitement of discovering something new. And this semester I would say I have been stretched pretty well by the material on offer, and, better still, I’ve actually tested myself. I think I’ve worked harder than I ever have. But I will have to take it one stage further in 2008. And then again in 2009.

Urgh. The sight of the years flashing before me is getting a little worrying. I remember the turn of the millennium. It really was just another year. But the symbolic value of having a brand new, special, turn of the calendar to play with was quite a liberating thought. But they are ticking away like mad at the moment. I’ve had a few flashes with disturbing thoughts of mortality lately, which have actually worried me a lot. This hasn’t been helped by numerous ludicrous dreams along these lines.

I actually have only myself to blame on this score. I suffer a weird phenomenom that if I sleep in the same room as my computer and leave it on overnight (for example, if I’m downloading some torrents) I will suffer a terribly disorientating night’s sleep, filled with endless dreams and constantly waking up. I did this last night, and I won’t be repeating it again for some time. Must be something to do with electromagnetic radiation…

Though it did bring on one amazing thing, which to me demonstrates the power of the brain. Three days ago, I listened to the song Fair by Ben Folds Five. At the time I took no real notice of the song, as I was listening to a lot of new albums I’ve acquired from a friend. So there must have been masses of musical melodies being stored in my brain at the time, all while I was doing some work on a website a friend of mine has asked me to design.

This morning I woke up from a particularly vivid dream, and in it was this song, Fair, in almost its entirety. It does have a fairly catchy/annoying chorus… but I had not thought about it at all since I had first heard it. In fact, at the time I didn’t really think it was any good. One of the better songs on the album, but nevertheless, I had rated it three stars and was not likely to come back to it again.

But now I have to. My subconscious mind had clearly stored all of it. I’ve always been a musical kind of person… and my brain has demonstrated why to me. I think it’s amazing how I could store something in there which I had not even given a second thought. But it wasn’t just one refrain of the song, it was nearly the whole thing. I only realised this when I listened to it again earlier, only for the second time.

It’s all beginning to feed into this realisation I’m getting at the moment. My consciousness is being raised as to just how spectacular humanity and the universe in general is. I will return to this issue next time… hopefully!

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