And so it comes to pass.

In my last post I referred to my dodgy knees, which have appeared ever since I started refereeing. Well, I went to see a doctor yesterday, who has told me that I have a form of tendinitis. Great. I’ve been told not to do any vigorous exercise like this for around three months.

So that’s the end of my nice little earner. I really wonder why this has suddenly become a problem. I know I’ve not run round like this for a long time, but I am utterly convinced that if this was a long-term genetic issue I would have felt it in the past when I used to play badminton a few times a week. Perhaps I didn’t warm up properly the first time I refereed, and then through overuse (as I was doing three games a week earlier on) the small tears in the tendon have become more and more prominent.

It was also starting to have an effect on my Achilles tendon too. It is a bit ridiculous. How many other people play football on a regular basis and don’t suffer this? Why have I just got it? Was I really that unfit beforehand? I’d never thought so, but I’m beginning to think I must have been. I was never that active during my youth, so maybe all the muscles, tendons and ligaments are not that strong.

On the one hand, it does mean I won’t be refereeing in this godawful weather we’re suffering at the moment. Then again, it is winter. And football is a winter sport. Maybe I’m not cut out for it after all. It’s going to be several months before I should try again and see what the damage is.

Apart from this, everything is going well. My presentation on Wednesday was a success, my essays are complete and Christmas is just around the corner. I got a 68% mark for the first fifth of my dissertation, which I handed in a couple of weeks ago. Which is great. Very pleased to have some marks on the board. And the paper version of my offer for PGCE study has come through, so it’s now all official.

The only bad thing is that on Wednesday I will be travelling home by National Express. I haven’t used the coaches for travel for a few years, just because they take so long. But there was no option this time. And it was cheaper than the train, which was necessary after I had to go home last week. Need to save money.

Or need to make money. Somehow, now that my refereeing cash has been cut off. But I am very close to passing the £50 threshold on YouGov surveys. Woohoo. Possibly just in time for for the post-Christmas credit card payoff…

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