Conditional Acceptance

So the news is in from my interview last week.

I have been offered a place at the university. This is really great news. I’d like to think I got in my own merits rather than because I’m a man applying for a PGCE primary course (hmmm…) but either way, I have got through the process on the first attempt. Which is awesome.

It is conditional on me completing my degree, of course… but so far, so good on that score. It means that I will be officially moving back home for the next academic year. Unless something else crops up in the interim where I might live with a couple of friends back home to try to make things a bit cheaper for me. Well, there is at least lots of time to try to work that one out now.

Suddenly, this morning is bright and cheerful, despite the miserable weather conditions outside. And the prospects for the rest of the week. The injury I appear to have, which I talked about in my last post, is still there, unfortunately. It came back quite badly last Sunday while I was refereeing in yet more atrocious conditions (after skipping Saturday’s game, ironically in glorious sunshine, because of a combination of pathetic buses and taxis being unable to get me there in time) … though is slowly fading away again now. I am sure it will come back again on Saturday.

I’m beginning to get concerned about this. I have done physical exercise in the past and never felt a problem with my knees. But this is potentially serious. If it keeps recurring, I will have to go the doctor; I might end up having to end my refereeing career before it’s even begun! And it was turning out to be a nice little earner too, keeping the costs of life down.

Today I have the first of my two tutorial presentations to give. I used to get nervous about them, but on reflection they are no problem. This is one thing about me that has changed an awful lot in the past few years… I’m now far more confident about these things. And I know that without the confidence I’ve been able to gain from university, and my year working for an MP last year, I would not have been able to think of myself as a being a potential teacher.

It all looks so different here now from when I first started keeping this journal nearly three years ago. My life has developed considerably. I wouldn’t say it’s changed a lot, but the progress has been both simultaneously unexpected and yet, when I look back now, very predictable.

So I have plenty of reasons to be cheerful at the moment. Especially the development that I’m going home next week. Another semester will be over very shortly…

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