No Time To Catch Breath

It’s all been a little bit too much for me of late.

Last weekend, I did my usual complement of two refereeing appointments. One went very badly (due to poor attitude from the players) and the other went pretty well. Either way, they keep the money ticking over.

But they have also caused me to get somewhat injured. Normally the injuries are just stress and tiredness, and they go away in a week so I’m OK next time. But this time, I’ve had almost no chance to recover.

On Monday I had to walk back and forward from the University twice. This was painful in my condition, but it was compulsory. I had lectures to attend, and an essay to submit.

Tuesday I had to catch a train at stupid o’ clock. I was up at 4am getting everything ready for my trip home. I hauled a heavy bag through the streets of Hull and the streets of my home city until I finally got back.

Wednesday I had the interview referred to in my last post. It went as well as I could have hoped for, which is excellent. Though I don’t know what the competition is like, and I don’t know what they were expecting. So I’m not confident. I’d rather be surprised if the news is good. I will find out in the next weeks what the outcome is.

But on the day I had to walk around a fair old bit, probably to the tune of several miles at a quick pace.

Today I have returned to Hull. More walking to and from train stations carrying heavy bags. My legs are still hurting me, which is very unusual.

And there is not much sign of it stopping. I simply have to go shopping tomorrow morning, which is yet more mileage, and carrying heavy bags too. Then on Saturday and Sunday there is more refereeing to come. Though my Sunday game is in the boys’ league… which is something new for me. Will have lots of parents nagging me, though it is, at least, only 35 minutes each way. This means I might not be so badly injured come next week.

So this week has been a bit of a whirlwind. It was nice to be home for the past couple of days, but I would rather it hadn’t happened. It’s disrupted the “flow” of my life here, in the sense that I’d completely forgotten about life back at home. I was just getting on with things here. Now I’m wishing I wasn’t here.

Still. Only two weeks to go. Then I can have a break. Of sorts.

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