Preparation Day

The greatest symphonies always have a crescendo in there somewhere. In music and in an every day speech, there’s always a great deal of attraction to a really passionate section, usually at the end, which builds you up a finish, or perhaps a refrain.

Life is filled with them too. So are the Laws of Buses. You wait ages for one, then three come at once. But right now, everything is going along smoothly. And yet, just around the corner, the crescendo approaches.

I have finished two pieces of work now. One of them is finished finished – meaning I don’t want to look at it ever again. That often happens with essays, you work on them so much and for so long that by the end you feel ill every time you think of the 20 hours of your life you’ve wasted on it. At least, that’s what the statistics page of Word tells me about my dissertation research design. “Total editing time: 1177 minutes”. Ugh.

The other essay is finished unfinished, meaning I need to go through it with a fine tooth comb to bring it up to scratch. But the necessary argument is in place, meaning that it is no more than an hour job.

I have one more essay to write. I have done all the research and the reading. It just needs to be turned into wonderful flowing prose. This will happen on Thursday and Friday. I’m utterly confident of that. I have to be. I am so bored of academic work, and feel like I desperately need a break. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel… but we’ve still got a little more to go.

Today I need to book my train tickets for the trip home for Christmas. Very much looks to me like I’m going to be having a five week holiday this year, thanks to the newly extended holiday for my University, and the convenient placement of my two exams in the second week of the exam period. Awesome. The less time I spend in the Hull January cold, the better.

And it has been cold lately. On Sunday, I refereed a game in the rain and the wind. By the end of the match I could barely move my hands. I couldn’t write down the score, and a couple of times I struggled to get the whistle to my mouth. I do have gloves, but they are too thick for writing with… so I’m going to have to try to buy a thin pair today.

Because today is my Preparation Day. If I’m going to spend the next two days locked up in my room writing an essay, I need to be ready. I need to have food in the cupboards. I want to clean my room so it doesn’t annoy me while I’m working. I don’t want to be distracted. I have to be able to focus…

Another week feels like it’s flying by. Scary.

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