Pining For The Porridge

Since I’ve returned to Hull, about the biggest disappointment has been surrounding one of my housemates. He used to be a really great person, lots of fun to talk to and hang around with. He used to be a little bit zany and funny, and a really considerate, thoughtful person.

The transformation in him now is amazing. The difference is, of course, that he now has a girlfriend (who is also one of my housemates). She is… well, I can’t really think of anything nice to say about her. But now my housemate is a lot more serious, lot more sober, and very rarely hangs around with the rest of us, who still consider him a friend. Understandable, I suppose. Who needs friends when you have a girlfriend?

But the worst of it is that his normal good-nature is fast disappearing. His girlfriend enjoys gossiping and bitching; they often have conversations about other people, including people I know, which are never glowing with enthusiasm. The amount of times I have extracted myself from a conversation because they kept on plugging me for nasty things to say about my former housemate from last year is now getting a little bit silly.

There is also the entertaining factor known as the “zeal of the converted”. This housemate of mine, I lived with him in Year 2 of University. He was never a tidy person. In fact, he often made a mess wherever he went, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. These days, he is now extremely neat and tidy, and cleans up after him all the time. Nothing wrong with this, of course. The reason why it’s amusing is that, having been influenced by his girlfriend to be a tidy person, he now spends his time writing notes of complaint on the whiteboard about the “mess” in the house to the rest of us. How quickly he forgets his past.

Life is plodding onwards, otherwise. There was a moment of mourning this morning (I like that) because I finished off my cheap Oatibix honey-flavoured porridge that was on offer for a bargain in Tesco. It was so nice. But now it’s all gone, and the offer is probably finished. Was good to have a break from my normal breakfast of Weetabix. Or Wheat Bisks as the cheap variety are known.

Yesterday, another of my housemates baked some bara brith cake. I’ve had this cake before, but only commercially made stuff. This one, however, is far better. Truly excellent. And there is lots more to eat today. That oughta keep me going as I start my next two days solid of work…

I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone. Seems only five minutes ago I was doing my usual Thursday hard work day.

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