Advancing The Plan

The Plan is going well and remains on track. I worked my arse off on Thursday and Friday, which allowed me to have a busy, yet relaxing, weekend. My dissertation research design is now, I’d guess, 2/3rds complete, and it now must be completed by the end of this week in order to keep everything going well.

The weekend itself was good. Two games of football to referee, one good, one not so good. But it all helps build up the experience which improves my performance. And fitness, which I’m pleasantly surprised about. Seems I’m doing well.

Overall, I’m quite content with this current arrangement. After all, weekends are meant to be for doing something slightly different to what you normally do. In the past, weekends were just another day for me. I would often use them to do work, spreading it out just a little each day of the week. It meant every day was pretty much the same, apart from what was on TV that night. But now, there is a little bit more structure. Something to look forward to giving me a reward for my hard academic work.

And I also think it’s making the weeks fly by. I can’t believe we’re in the depths of November already. In a month’s time, I’ll be heading back home for Christmas. Which means thoughts will soon have to turn to presents and other such capitalist delights.

Meanwhile, housemates are continuing to annoy me. There is a sly note left on the whiteboard this morning demanding people clean up after themselves. Of course, I agree with that, and I always do. But literally, the mess I make is incredibly small. There are some benefits to a life of never properly cooking. About the most I ever do is boil water or warm things up in a saucepan. The odd thing is, the note has been left by the girlfriend of the housemate who actually makes the second most mess in the house from cooking.

The target of the note is, quite obviously, my other housemate who really does make the most mess. But by addressing it to everyone, it lessens its insulting consequences. Public admonishments don’t always work, either. They can have the opposite effect.

I was thinking about asking this housemate to stop washing his dishes at midnight and either do it earlier or save them till the next day. I’ve been woken up by the clattering of pans and plates a few times now at stupid hours of the night. It’s not very considerate. I’m sure a quiet word will have a much better impact, unlike writing a note of my anger on the whiteboard.

House politics is an entertaining but ultimately pointless affair. We all have to live with each other. Though the way the time is flying, it won’t be for much longer…

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