The Plan

It’s been a busy old week… which explains the absence. Each day I kept saying, “you oughta do a blog post today” and within seconds I’ve forgotten my pledge and moved on to something else.

Last week was used well and in accordance with The Plan. I now have one completed essay, with one more to go, plus my dissertation research design. So we’re a third of the way through the dreaded purge of work. On top of that I’ve also composed my two tutorial presentations coming up in December, so things are looking pretty good. I’m quite impressed with myself for the discipline I’m showing on this this year, and all with less time in which to do it in.

The one problem has come from a change of mind I’ve had. I was originally going to do my second essay on the thorny, but probably tedious, issue of NHS reform. On close inspection of the reading material, it was very complicated. It might be easier to plump for the other essay on the even more thorny of issue of what it means to be British. So that’s today’s plan. A trip to the library shortly to check out the books available. Plus, see what I can find for my dissertation literature review. I suspect very little: which is excellent.

In any case, I’ve discovered the wonderful Google Scholar. A way to search through vast quantities of journal articles that was previously not possible. In the past you’d have had to go round all the journal archive websites individually, using rather imprecise search engines. But now, Google has delivered the goods once again. And all without having to visit the university library. Woohoo.

So academic life is going well (though it needs two days of hard work from me to keep it that way). Life in this house is OK at the moment… there is a now perpetual awkwardness that exists between my friend and his girlfriend. She’s just not a nice person. She doesn’t engage in conversation. Though she does with him. As soon as anyone else enters the room, she returns to her silent, demanding state. I’ve tried to talk normally with her, but it’s like trying to get blood out of a stone. It’s not worth bothering. After this year, I might never see her again.

The wind is rising. The temperature is dropping. Perfect. Just in time for my next games to referee this weekend. I’ve just washed my kit, and noticed that the socks have virtually disintegrated after just two washes. Pathetic. There are lots of thread pulls all over them. And I followed the washing instructions, cool wash, slow spin. Seems quality ain’t what it used to be.

Still no word from the teaching institutions I’ve applied to…

Enough. Time to get to work.

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