Of course, refereeing is not just for the money. It is for the love of the game. But it sure as hell is a nice reward for running round a football pitch for 90 minutes.

I did my first game yesterday, and it went really well. Quite a few decisions to make, nothing too controversial, thankfully, but those will only be in a matter of time. Enjoyed it a lot. Apart from the fact that I’d ordered referee kit and equipment and it didn’t arrive in time for the game. So I had to rush out (making myself tired before I’d even started) and buy the stuff again. Oh well. I suppose it will come in handy in future if/when my equipment needs replacing.

Glad it’s over and out the way though. I wasn’t originally anticipating doing a game on a Wednesday, but the call came through from the appointments secretary, so off I went. Was better really, rather than spending lots of time worrying about what is to come this Saturday. Now I have got rid of the “first game” syndrome. Not that I told any of the players yesterday. That would be stupid. Now it will probably become quite routine…

So, with that out the way, life must resume. I have today and tomorrow off, and I must make significant progress with one of my essays. On top of that, I need to piece together my dissertation research design. There’s lots to keep me busy, that’s for sure. In some respects it’s good, because it ties me here and stops me doing any more exercise. I need the relaxation today; my legs are quite sore. But essays are still boring…

This Saturday I will have been back in Hull for six weeks. Half way through the semester. How time flies. Soon I’m going to have to consider booking my train tickets for the trip back home for the Christmas break. Which is four weeks long this year – an extra week so we can revise. Urgh. Exams. Not had one of those since June 2006. Well, not a proper academic exam. Don’t really think the referee exam’s multiple choice papers count.

In July once my birthday had passed, I kept annoying people by saying “it’ll soon be Christmas!” Look, I was right! Some shops are already playing the usual tedious music. The adverts are kicking in. Though it’s not been all that cold just yet. Only had to put the central heating on a few times so far, which is very good.

But there’s still plenty of time for that…

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