Optimus Maximus

It’s been a bit of a tiring few days. So the great time moving swindle coming tonight (or rather, in 54 minutes time) probably couldn’t come at a more appropriate moment.

I’ve done an enormous amount of work on one of my essays. So much so that, next week, I will be in a position to start writing it. The tedious note taking process, the bit that actually is the hardest and takes so long, has been concluded, as has a draft plan of the essay. It’s always a good sign when the plan contains almost one sixth of the words in the word limit. There should be no problem there.

On top of that, I’ve continued putting more data into the database for my dissertation. I now have just 35 more surveys to put in, and then the good stuff can begin. I think I will actually enjoy this. 15,000 words may seem a lot, but as long as I keep doing a little bit more each week, and on a topic I’m interested in, it shouldn’t be a problem. Optimism again.

The other development is that I must now start getting myself fit, as my first official game to referee is going to be next Saturday. Although there is a delicate risk that I may be called upon to referee a friendly game tomorrow at very short notice. I’d rather not, in truth, as I still don’t have a referee kit. Or a whistle. Plus I don’t think I’m mentally prepared for it yet. I will be next week. Well, as ready as I’ll ever be.

On Thursday evening as well, a friend of mine drove over to Hull for a visit, which was nice. I managed to use his car to good purpose, saving me a trip to Asda on the bus. Plus, I then ate too much in Pizza Hut. Not good for the so-called fitness regime.

Nevertheless, that did start in earnest this morning, when I went out for a brisk jog to test just how much I need to do. The answer was: a lot. So now I need to keep to that. That will be the hardest bit. When the rain’s coming down and it’s freezing outside…

The next couple of weeks are actually very intriguing for me. If all goes to plan, I’ll have one essay done, one literature review done, started refereeing properly, and might even (fingers crossed) have been invited for interview for the teaching degree. Everything is trickling into place at this moment in time… and that’s just fine.

Long may it continue.

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