The pass mark for the referee exam was 75%, and so I am now a qualified referee. I suspect I could be dangerous with a whistle. I’m obviously very pleased with the result, apart from the fact that it now means I have to start spending even more money on referee kit. Great. It’s going to take about 10 games or so before I get back all the money I’ve spent on this so far.

Now I just have to wait to be summoned. Apparently I will be contacted by one of the leagues who are desperate for referees. Which is a bit odd. I hate waiting for phone calls. Too nerve wracking. Every time the phone rings you’re expecting it to be what you want… and then, it isn’t.

Meanwhile, the sport infested weekend (filled with typical English failure!), combined with the referee course, put paid to any hopes I may have had for doing some work. This means that I need to make up for it this week. I already did some work last night, and today I will be shortly uttering the immortal words, “To the library!” as if it was something I’m looking forward to. Tuesdays have become my day of preparing for next week’s seminars, and now I’m into a routine I feel good about it. Makes me feel like I’m a proper student. But then again, to be a proper student I should be out drinking every night. Not happening.

There is a bit of unease in the house at the moment, though, which makes me enjoy not being here. Two of my housemates have had a little falling out, and I have sympathies with one of them, but I don’t want to get involved apart from trying to make the peace. There were tentative steps taken last night as the three of us were all talking in the living room, but it was evident that more time is needed to get over the problem. The real issue revolved around one of these two housemate’s girlfriend… who is not exactly popular in these parts with a third housemate, who happens to be the girlfriend of the other housemate out of the original two. Confused?

But I’m reasonably pleased with how things are going at the moment. When I’ve done some solid work by the end of this week (note the optimism) things will be on track for the time being.

The only thing that’s bugging me at the moment is the fact that I really need to cut my hair… and there is a distinct lack of opportunity for doing so. In fact, I’d say it has reached 82% of the length I can tolerate, where 75% is the time beyond which it could be cut.

Hey, that looks like a convenient place to finish!

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