Sore Feet

I’ve been oddly busy over the past few days, which has precluded me from blogging. It’s been great to have lots of stuff to do, though very little of it has been academic work. Which is bad, as the deadlines are approaching…

Last weekend I was away in London for the jolly I mentioned in my previous post. That was a really good time. Probably ate a little bit too much at the all-you-can-eat place we went to, but as we were watching the England rugby at the same time it didn’t really matter, because that kept my mind elsewhere. Or rather, it distracted me from keeping track of what I’d eaten.

Meanwhile, on Monday and Tuesday night, the referee course got into gear. So far so good, but the big stuff is coming at the weekend, and the test on Sunday. This is mildly exciting, but it’s also another distraction from my work. Though to make up for it, I did spend most of Tuesday in the library.

Going to the library is almost like the feeling I used to get after the Compulsory Confession that my Catholic primary school used to make me do. There’s always a sense of trepidation on entering, and then whilst there one has to recompense for the sins of the past. Then when you leave, the sun is shining, the world looks good again. And you promise yourself to never let it be so long between visits again…

Of course, that never happens. The reason why is that due to the likes of Google Books and all the academic content available online now, I can get lots of material without having to leave the comfort (yeah right) of this chair I’m in now. Which means I spend even longer at this computer and in this room.

During this post, I have been interrupted by the arrival of The Cleaners. These mythical creatures are only seen once in a few months. In truth, I’d rather not have them as they are little more than snoopers for the people we rent the house off. Plus, because of the shame of some terrible meal someone cooked two days ago which was still in a pan in the kitchen, I have had to hide it in my room while they are here so that they don’t see it (they only clean the communal areas, you see). Which is not good, as the pan smells. And it’s filled with sausages, which doesn’t suit my vegetarian sensibilities.

As for yesterday… well, I think I must have walked about 10 miles in a day. I had to go the post office delivery centre in order to pick up something, then go to the University, then go into town twice, inbetween times going back home. I did end up with a pair of football boots at the end of the process, however, which is great. I’ve been meaning to buy them for ages but could never be bothered to make the journey into town for them. Now I need to wear them in a little before Saturday. Not likely considering I don’t have a conveniently located field near me.

Not that I can walk very well at the moment. 10 miles takes its toll…