Here Goes Nothing

Yesterday morning I submitted my teacher training application form. So there’s no going back now. My mind was made up anyway, but there’s always a bit of trepidation about these things. I read everything about 100 times just to make sure I’d made the application as good as I possibly could. In the end I was sick of looking at it… and now it’s gone.

The waiting game begins. One that I’m terribly nervous about. My main concern is that if this does not go well, my plans are in ruins. Well, that is until I can put plan B into action, which would be to find a teaching assistant job while applying again for the 2009 academic year. What annoys me is that I look at some of the people who I know have got onto teacher training, some of whom have never written an essay in their lives, and others are not amongst the sharpest knives in the drawer… and so it would really upset me if I failed to even get an interview.

Then there are others who tell me I’m almost guaranteed an interview thanks to the fact that I’m a man applying for primary school teaching. Well… somehow that sits rather uncomfortably with me. I don’t like the idea of inbuilt bias. I want to know that I’ve been selected for interview/selected for the course because my application was good enough anyway.

But now it’s gone I feel a weight has been lifted. I can now concentrate on the other bits of my life that are probably more important. Like the dissertation. Very soon I will have to sit back and input around 7,500 bits of data into SPSS. This is a brainless activity that I will be very grateful of music for. And at the end of it, I imagine there will be a small celebration. I just hope that SPSS throws up some useful analysis at the end of it, or it will be a very boring dissertation… then again, it would be an unusual dissertation that isn’t boring.

The other development is that I’m going to London this weekend for an overnight jaunt with a number of friends. It all stems back to a large football website that I’ve got involved with lately. Details are sketchy to protect the innocent…

And then there is the excitement of the forthcoming referee training course. That’s coming up next week. I’ve been sent all the study material… well, the laws of the game, which I’ve been steadily digesting. It will also be good stuff for the train journey to London. I’m really looking forward to this. It’ll be great to have a hobby that gets me out of the house for some time into the forseeable future (assuming I don’t end up hating it!). That’s always been the problem with the hobbies I have… they don’t really get me out and about. Unless I’m going to go busking.

The other bonus is that refereeing normally comes with a very small fee, £10-20 per game. Which is nice going for something that I wouldn’t actually expect to be paid for. In other words, I’m quite happy to do it for the sheer enjoyment of the game, and getting out and about. But I won’t tell the teams I’m refereeing that, or they might not want to pay me…

So, here I sit. The rain pouring down outside. No lectures today, but lots of reading for me to do, not least for the upcoming seminar discussions. It’s going to be dull day…