Wheels Falling Off

It’s not been a good old week here. It was always going to be challenge for it to have any momentum after its bad start…

Last Sunday I went along to watch my housemate’s football team playing in the Sunday league. Little did I know that I would end up refereeing the game for them. Well, I thought it would be a perfect time to start. After all, if I didn’t enjoy it, there would be no point in me doing the referee training.

It actually went OK. Couple of mistakes, but who doesn’t make them. And I liked it. Plus, it gave me £15 from nowhere. Not bad at all.

The problem stemmed from the fact that I didn’t have any football boots with me, so I ended up borrowing someone elses. That was a mistake. I ended up with serious blisters on my feet, which hampered my ability to run around during the game. But they persisted for the next few days, meaning I could barely walk on Monday. Yet, I had to. I had to do the long walk to University twice on Monday. So there was no chance of healing.

Tuesday wasn’t much better, but the benefit was that my week was over. The usual part time student – all my lectures were over on Monday. So nothing happened while I recovered. Apart from going to do the student union quiz night… which was a lamentable failure as usual, despite me playing the usual blinder in the music round. There’s no doubt other teams are cheating… in fact, the brand new internet cafe next to the union bar is a mistake, since most people were in there at the half time interval “refreshing” their knowledge.

Wednesday came and went without much consequence. I did do a little tidying up, and some washing. And a wee bit of dissertation work. But nothing of any consequence. But at least my feet were better.

So I made plans to do good stuff on Thursday. First of all was to go and give blood. Success. Then afterwards, I wanted to go meet the careers people and sort out my application once and for all. Only, I couldn’t, because I’d forgotten my campus password. I don’t have a printer at home, so I’d e-mailed my personal statement to myself in order to print it out at Uni. So I went to go and get my password reset. That was fine, but it doesn’t come into effect for 24 hours.

So I had to go home. The day effectively over. Now I’m back, with slightly less blood than before. But now I’m going to have to make another trip to the University tomorrow to get this sorted out. Which is bad, because I had made plans to go shopping tomorrow afternoon. Asda beckons…

Now I’m really hungry. I hope my bread hasn’t gone out of date…