Decisions Decisions

Time is ticking relentlessly onwards, and I still have no decision.

At the moment, my thoughts have turned from academia to the hugely significant choice that faces me at the moment. I have filled in all my application form for teacher training… except the rather important section about where exactly I want to apply to.

I’ve been having significant problems with this issue the past few days. For a long time, my idea has been that I would apply to do the PGCE course in my home city. But suddenly circumstances have gone against me, and the possibility of going slightly further afield is now very real. I am thinking about how I might instead apply for SCITT courses… and these are somewhat limited in terms of where they are located. These will also lead to me qualifying as a teacher, but they will give me more practical experience.

But taking this decision at this very late stage is massively risky. Should I stick to what I know? Or take the gamble? In any case, I might get into neither of these institutions. I had a chat with the careers advisors yesterday, who told me that I may have to specialise in history in order to be accepted (since primary school teacher trainees need to have a certain subject to specialise in). If things get that desperate, I’m really not sure I’d enjoy the course.

The search continues. If I stick with my number one choice, it will be very inconvenient to go to in the mornings, but not impossible. Maybe another option may come up next year which will change my circumstances. Perhaps I could still live in my own place back at home, as I have a friend who is looking to house-share back at home. But he’d have to wait a whole year, when he wants to get out of his parents’ house now.

This is an extremely delicate choice. It’s beginning to make me a bit depressed, as I can’t ever see me taking a decision and being satisfied. At first you think it’s just a case of where you want to go… then suddenly you realise there are a multitude of other factors, not least how far my parents would want to drive to take me there. It also seems a bit bizarre that no sooner have I moved into my new property, I’m having to think about where I’m going to live next year.

But this is my life at the moment. It’s only been fresher’s week, so there has been no work to do. Ideally, I wanted to have all this sorted by the end of this week, so I could concentrate on my proper work (I’m supposed to be in the final year of a degree here) but it hasn’t worked out that way.

Still, I now have all weekend to make my mind up. Gotta use it wisely…

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