It’s been remarkable just how quickly I’ve settled back down to life in Hull. Everything around me seems very familiar, and it’s almost like I haven’t been away. I walked back from a football game on Sunday, and got lost on the way… well, I was briefly lost as I soon managed to work out where I was. Hull is not that big a place, and when you’ve noted the major roads, and the position of the sun in the sky (to establish your direction) it’s pretty straight forward.

My new house is OK. Better than the one I was living in for the first two years here. However, it is three floors, and the kitchen is on the middle one. Which is predictably annoying. It is also next door to my bedroom, which means I can’t escape the continuous smell of cooking that pervades the house in the evenings because of the culinary talents of my housemates.

The room itself is… fine. It’s bigger than the room I had in London, but the facilities for a computer are somewhat inadequate. If I hadn’t got my new flat screen monitor, I would have been in trouble, because right now everything is perched on a dressing table. I have the PC itself on the floor in front of me, and it makes typing a little awkward. This would not normally be much of a problem, apart from the fact that I will soon be typing 15,000 words for a dissertation in this position. I could go out and buy a new desk from Argos… but then I have no money at the moment, courtesy of the fact that my loan won’t be released until I have registered at University. And my registration day is Friday. Which means next Wednesday at best before the funds appear.

I have also yet to sign the contract on my house. Mainly because I can’t be bothered. I have a spare key at the moment, which is doing me fine. But going to sign the contract will make me moan to the agency that we’re letting off about the state of the vacuum cleaner. It’s crap, really crap. It also stinks. But because it’s working, they won’t replace it. I’m sure I’ve noted on here before that things working despite being extremely crap are terribly annoying to me. Why can’t they just break properly, and then replacements can be found? The perils of renting “furnished” houses… reliant on the landlord, who takes £12,000 for this yearly tenancy, and won’t spend £30 on a new hoover.

Otherwise, it is good to be back in some ways. It’s nice to be living with friends again, and it’s already a lot better than living with only one other person. And as I’ve observed a few times before, I’m already feeling somewhat more positive about life now that I have a purpose and a direction again.

However, that’s not going to last very long as this morning I have a two hour study skills lecture. Joy.

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