Reflections on a Summer That Never Was

Well, here we are. The 17th week of my summer holiday will be my last, and it will soon be time to get back to down to business. Well, sort of, as even next week is a bit of a non-event. Though most students around the country will be partying for fresher’s week, mine might encompass a trip to the quiz night, but probably nothing too exciting.

I’m a bit torn about this. While, on the one hand, I seem to think it’s gone by too quickly, on the other it seems that it’s actually been a hell of a long break. It seems so long ago now that I was working in school. In fact, that was less than half of my time back here. The rest of it has been idle time like this… although the summer holidays for my brothers, sister and the rest of my family did mean that there was always something going on. And I did go away to Cornwall for a week. It’s not been too bad.

It’s just the past couple of weeks that have been depressing. I blame Hull University. They changed their year so that it now starts two weeks later, forcing the Christmas exams now into the New Year. Which is a terrible change, but it brings us in line with most other unis. Normally I’d only be here for one week on my own while everyone else is in work or school. This year it was three, which has meant a much longer process of resigning myself to getting back to work again.

But the process is nearly complete. As Saturday approaches, I begin to say goodbye to things around here. I’m doing a little bit of packing each day, a little bit of preparation and a little bit of eagerness returns. It is boring doing very little all the time. It will be good to have some purpose to life again.

There is still a depressing thought though. And that is the weather. Yesterday was a cold day, almost wintery. This filled with me with negativity. We barely had a summer worth mentioning, and it almost seems we have skipped from spring straight into the winter. There are still leaves on the trees, and it is a little warmer today… but my mind is struggling to comprehend how close it is to being dark by 5pm again. I hate it with a passion.

Soon it will be back to the winter jumpers, though this time I have some more stylish clothes to deal with it. My jumpers are beginning to look a little granddadish. They’ve served me well during the long, cold Hull winters so far (less necessary in London though, because it always seemed to be warmer there) and maybe they’ll be called upon one final time this year.

It’s been fun, but it’s time to stop slacking and get on with the job in hand. There is a fascinating year on the cards now. In any case, I’ll be home again in two and a half months… such is the stupidly asymmetrical academic year…

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