More Action Required

The date is now set. I will return to Hull on 22nd September. It’s good that I now have a focus, as it means I can get myself properly mentally ready for getting back to work. I decided against going back this Saturday, as I actually think that I’ll be even more frustrated there with nothing at all to do.

What pains the most is having sod all to do in the evenings. I’ve always hated 9pm onwards, because there’s just a feeling that all I’m doing is killing time until going to bed. I’ve really noticed this in the past few days though. But I remember this feeling very well in Hull in the first two years of being there, and again in London last year… so I can’t even say to myself that it will fix itself once I’m back down to business. It’s just a fact of my life.

But there must be something good I can do in these final few days left back at home. I rack my brain but I just can’t think of anything feasible. I can’t exactly do anything dissertation wise, as I need to see my supervisor to plan the next line of attack, plus I don’t have the software to do the data input/analysis. I could, possibly, think about what I’m going to write for my personal statement on my teaching application form… but I’m going to have to motivate myself for that one.

The last thing is the joyous arrival in the post this morning of the Laws of Association Football 2007-08. £4 for this beauty, and I guess that if I want to be a referee, I should probably digest this one Real Soon. Ideally I should do this before I go back, because I will have less time for such leisurely pursuits. Annoyingly, I have tried to get in touch with the people in the East Riding County FA to book my place on the forthcoming training course, but no reply even after five days. I’d been waiting to do this all summer, and then it’s been hit by this snag. I’d be a bit upset if there ends up being no places left on the course.

Though if I do go on it, I’m going to have to break the habit of a lifetime. I have no sporty clothes any more. Haven’t since I was about 17. No proper trainers. No appropriate things to wear to play football. Jeans are not ideal, and I wouldn’t want to ruin my good t-shirts, after spending this summer doing a pretty good job of updating my wardrobe. It’s always sad when you have to retire old favourite clothes, but the colours were so faded on some of them it was almost embarrasing to wear them any more…

Anyway, another fine day begins to emerge. It’s quite entertaining how the weather has been really good since the schools went back. It happens every year with boring predictability. Spend all the summer trapped indoors because of the rain, then go back to school, trapped indoors, looking out at what might have been…

Here’s to a more productive week!

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