There have been two types of resignation lately. The first of which is the process that I tend to go through at this time of year, during which I slowly but surely accept that I really am going to go back to work soon. I noticed it begin earlier this week, when all of a sudden I noticed how little time I’ve got left here, and how I need to start preparing myself mentally for the boredom challenge ahead. I’ve already noticed how busy the coming year is going to be, and it is now only just a little further away…

The other resignation is one that gets me slightly more angry. Me and my parents put ourselves out for the youth football team that we run. People seem to think that it is an easy thing to do, but it’s not, not by a long way. The hassle that some of the kids create because of their endless bizarre decisions is par for the course, but it doesn’t make it any easier each time something like this happens…

One of the players decided last Sunday that they’d had enough. The reason, allegedly, being that they were being played in defence when they want to play in midfield. That was it. And yet, they played so well in defence, and whenever we’ve played them in midfield, they’ve been pretty anonymous. It seems some kids would rather play poorly in a position they like rather than brilliantly in a position they don’t. And so, such an attitude led to them quitting on the spot.

Then, later on through contacts, we discover that the player spent most of their day in school bad mouthing my dad to all his mates, saying he’s a crap coach, and all that. All this because of a little hissy fit over where he thinks he is best on the pitch. There is no shortage of similar kids playing football who all think they’re the next super striker, or the next expansive, creative attacking midfielder. Yet most of them are anything but. Tell them that you think they’d be a better defender, and watch the tantrums fly.

It’s disheartening really. We struggle as a team because we can’t convince kids that being in defence is a crucial job, and that being there doesn’t mean you have any less value to the rest of the team. Even if they accept it and say they’ll play in defence for today, they will then go about deliberately playing poorly, not running, not putting any effort in, just to spite you for daring to oppose their wishes.

And so we lose yet another of our good players because of this inexplicable attitude. It’s becoming harder and harder to justify the effort we have to go through to make this work when all around no one seems to care or be willing to put in their share of commitment. But it then makes it worse when such players go off and start spreading insults about you because you didn’t bow to their prima donna ways, even though they know they couldn’t walk into any other team and dictate where their position is. This all coming despite the fact that when he signed for us in January, he had apparently been waiting to join us for ages – been really eager to play for us. How quickly that changed.

This player has wrecked our chances of a good start. It was all starting to come together, and then within a few weeks of the new season we have to deal with this.

We try really hard, but we can only work with what we’ve got. I’m beginning to wonder why we put so much effort in for the flak we receive in exchange. When you’re doing it for the kids, and the kids don’t actually care, or worse, insult you, then why bother at all?

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