One of the consequences of my sister moving house is that she has had to abandon the trampoline that she once had in her garden. It belonged to my eight-year-old nephew, but he can no longer keep it as the yard of their new house is not big enough.

This has meant that the trampoline is now here. Which is rather good news. I haven’t been able to stop myself wanting to go on it every day since we got it. The bouncing is strangely liberating, as is throwing yourself down into a crumpled heap from a great height. It’s also surprisingly good exercise…

Depressingly, we have now reached the end of August. The weather is now typically autumnal, and it’s a sure sign that the summer is officially over. It also means that my lengthy holiday is also drawing to a close. I think I may have decided that two weeks on Saturday may be a good time for me to resume my Hullness. This would give me a week before the semester begins, which allows me time to readjust to the tedious thought of going back to work again.

Thoughts of misery have been running quite high at the moment. The very idea that I will soon be back chained to a desk either in my house or in the university library doing research for my dissertation is just an appalling thought right now. In some respects I’m looking forward to seeing my old university friends again, and resuming my life again, but the amount of work I have to do in this final year is weighing heavily against the positive thoughts. Yet, I know it must be done. And it will be done. The next couple of weeks will be the process I have experienced and observed several times before: of resigning myself to defeat.

Meanwhile, life goes on. I’ve been a bit annoyed with my writer friend who was supposed to be doing some work on our script with me. He told me he would definitely be online every Thursday and Sunday night to do work on it, and ever since he made that pledge two weeks ago, he hasn’t. In fact, I’ve only seen him once in that time. I would have thought we could have made significant progress by now, but it hasn’t materialised. That’s been a real shame as the momentum we had built up is now totally out the window. I’m beginning to fear that this one isn’t going to be a goer either, just when I thought it would be a useful distraction.

What I believe has happened is that Real Life has occurred. My friend stayed at home to go to Uni, and all throughout he held a weekend job. Now he’s graduated, he has thrown in his hand at the weekend job and got himself a normal working week one. He’s now discovering that 8-6 (9 to 5 was always an illusion) actually takes a lot out of you, and while you may have great plans to do things in the evenings and at weekends, they hardly ever materialise as you just want to rest and relax.

And even then, as he has never lived away from his parents in his life, he doesn’t yet know the sheer pleasures of having to go food shopping, having to look after the house, having to do all the mundane administration that comes with it… you know, the things that sap you of life and kill away the rest of your free time. I think that might come as a shock to him when he eventually moves out, whenever that may be.

Anyway, these negative thoughts can go back in their box now. I would say I can go on the trampoline to cheer me up, but it’s been raining overnight. As usual.

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