Progress Report

On Thursday my plans were scuppered. I was intending to go and visit the university I want to do my PGCE in. They were holding their open day, and I’d planned it all carefully. It was a short journey away, but public transport would see me through.

It didn’t. A train cancellation, and farce with the buses meant I just turned around and went home. What was annoying was that I knew there were problems anyway, and I’d legislated for them. Turns out it still wasn’t enough.

So I missed my last chance to see the uni I might go to, as they aren’t holding another open day before October, and I will be back in Hull by then. The other university I was also considering don’t seem to be holding their open day until after I go back either, so it seems events have conspired against me. Again.

After all these annoyances I had a good think about whether I should go back to Hull now. It might make me sit up and concentrate on my goals again. I feel I’ve drifted a little bit since the summer holidays properly began at the end of July. It happens every summer. The break is so long that you feel the mind starting to shut down. Though I do think I’ve kept more active than past summers. I’ve been planning a script with my friend, I’ve been away to Cornwall, I’ve been doing a lot of exercises, I’ve been doing a lot of work on the internet for a project I’ve got really involved in, and I’ve been helping with my sister moving house. Plus, I’ve been playing on “More Brain Training” every day, which “could” help to activate my prefrontal cortex, so Doctor Kawashima keeps telling me…

The other sideline has been poor old Harry Potter. I’ve been reading the book for a month now. Well, I had been reading it. I finished it yesterday. I couldn’t bear to finish it. Having caught onto the Potter franchise very late (courtesy of my journey to the USA, as irony would have it) when book 6 was published, I only had to wait just for book 7 to see the journey concluded. I was reading it at just a chapter a day as I didn’t want to rush through it. I’d managed to avoid spoilers of all kinds. I won’t write anything about the contents here, but suffice to say I enjoyed it a hell of a lot, and it was a fantastic finish to the series. I can confidently predict that we will never again see such a hoo-hah over a book in our lives. Or maybe even ever.

Next Wednesday sees the beginning of my football team’s season. It’ll be interesting to see how much we have regressed over the summer, as seems to happen with us. We have some new players, and some of the dead wood has been shed. We’re quite confident we can improve again this year. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, back to helping with the house moving. It’s going to be a bit odd… my sister’s going to be living a mile away again. So we’re going to be seeing less of her and my nephew. This has its benefits (as it forces her to get on with pushing herself forward in life: she’s starting studying to be a nurse soon) but obvious drawbacks. We’re going to have to see how this one plays out…

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  1. Hi Matt. I’m HerGe..or whoever! Dunno why sending u a comment, i truly dunno who u r. But ur profile attracts me so much. Ur interest is ‘boring’,huh? No wonder, everybuddy get bored in this whole world. Me too. Umm.. i mayb will send u an email instead of this. Au revoir:)
    D u feel disgusting of me???


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