Time Less

The summer is fast disappearing. Here we are in another new month. In fact, this year is fast disappearing. I’m not quite sure where it’s going, but I can’t say I’m enjoying it at the moment. I’m hardly doing anything to make the days fly by…

It’s been a quiet few days. My family were all away last weekend so I had a bit of peace and quiet at last. This brought with it some unprecendented activity. Since the sun was shining, I decided to wear a pair of shorts… in my last post I said I never wear shorts, and that was true. I have always owned a few pairs but never had the bottle to put them on. So while no one was here, I decided to give them another try. And it wasn’t a disaster, as I thought it might be. In fact, I used the opportunity to give my milk-bottle white legs a bit of sunshine. I paid the price for it the next day, as it seems I got burnt just a little…

Anyway, now the parents are back, and the weather is staying good, I have been able to wear shorts again now that I have some confidence in them. This is great… particularly as we have all decided to go on a last minute trip to Cornwall next week. We managed to find a really cheap coach holiday, discounted probably because no one in their right mind is going on holiday in the UK during all this terrible weather. But maybe it’s turned a corner, and we might actually be lucky next week. I’m looking forward to it.

So I spent yesterday preparing. This involved, unfortunately, spending some money. I have been needing some new clothes for a while, so this is the perfect excuse. Once again, the internet delivered the goods, but I’m now a bit concerned that they won’t arrive in time. I’m leaving early on Monday morning. I love early starts, but the rest of my family don’t. Except my younger sister, who likes to get up ludicrously early sometimes. I’m sure that won’t last once she gets older. Meanwhile, my two brothers would sleep all day if they could…

The only thing that’s keeping me entertained at the moment is the new Harry Potter book. I’m half way through, and enjoying it very much. I’m only reading it a chapter a day… I don’t want to rush through it like some people do. Though if I did that, I would spend less time worrying that I’m about to see a spoiler somewhere. I’ve done well so far, but I’m sure that at some point someone is going to ruin it. I’ve stopped reading my favourite internet newsgroups for now just in case I spot something. There doesn’t seem to be any end of people out there determined to ruin it for those of us who just want the magic to live on just a little bit longer…

Finally, the one thing really bugging me at the moment is the fact that I seemed to have lost my watch. I took it off yesterday while sitting in the sun to avoid that nice watch shaped untanned patch that I always seem to have. And I haven’t seen it since…

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