Sit Up And Take Note

I’ve always been something of a scrawny individual. At 1.82m (~6ft), I’m not small, but I’m not that tall either. In days gone by I would be one of the taller people, but the more I look around at the younger kids these days, they all seem very tall, and some of them ludicrously so. It seems somewhat counter-intuitive at first, but all the junk food people eat these days seems to be making people not just fatter but taller too. Perhaps it’s all the protein in those burgers.

So I’m a little bit above average height, but not at all heavy. I vary between 68 and 72kg. Right now I’m 69kg. According to my BMI, this is the right weight for my height, but it is towards the lower end of the scale. I’ve never been sure why I’m so lucky to never have to worry about my weight. I’m not that active a person really, and my diet is only just bordering on acceptable. I’d say on average I probably eat about 2/3 portions of fruit/veg per day per week. Some way short of the target. As vegetarians go, I’m one of the more unhealthy ones.

As it’s the holidays, and as I’m bored, I’ve decided to put my body through a little experiment. For the past week, I’ve been gradually increasing the number of situps I do in a day. Starting from 0 (the norm) it’s going up to its current level of about 50 across a couple of sets. I think they’re starting to work as my stomach muscles are starting to get sore. It would be nice to be a fit individual. I can’t say I’ve ever been such a regular exerciser that I know what it’s like to be “fit”. About the only exercise I do is walking, because I walk very fast, probably about 5mph, so the pulse gets going enough for it to start to wear me out. But I don’t do this anywhere near often enough for me to feel really fit and healthy.

I keep saying to myself that I have to do something about this aspect of me. Situps and pressups won’t help really, because they’re not proper aerobic exercise, though they will help with strength – again, something I’m not particularly famous for. When I was in sixth form I used to play badminton irregularly. That’s about it really. As I noted some time back in my Youth Reviews, I’ve never been a fan of being active. I’m lucky really that I’m not fat. My metabolism must work in my favour, because my slender qualities are not through effort, that’s for sure.

I think the reason for my inactivity is my self-consciousness. I would love to go swimming all the time, but I am a bit concerned about the somewhat minor problem of the fact that I don’t like exposing bits of my body. That rather rules out swimming. I don’t even wear shorts because I hate my legs. A t-shirt is as far as it goes.

But then I don’t want to do running or cycling or any sport for the same reasons. I used to hate it in school because of the having-to-get-changed-in-front-of-everyone-else factor. But then there was the other fact that I’m not very good at anything. If I’m not actually capable of doing anything, I don’t derive any enjoyment from it. However, I’m OK at racket sports… and this may be my way out.

Suffice it to say that I have added this to my list of plans for the next year. I need to try to get properly fit. A sprint around the block shouldn’t nearly kill me as it does at the moment. This summer’s attempts at gaining some muscle strength may have started out as a little experiment to stop me getting completely bored while stuck in during the rain… but maybe they will lead onto something else.

I’m hoping so anyway…