And So…

… Another school year comes to its conclusion. Out of curiosity, and so I could compare my current feelings with last year, I’ve just read my posts from July out of the archives. It seems that back then I wasn’t all that convinced that working with the younger children would ever be something I could do… but this year has taught me otherwise.

It is both simultaneously amazing and disgusting that my seven weeks in school have flown by so quickly. Once again it has been an excellent experience and one I’m really going to miss. But this year has been different for the fact that I have been working with one year group all the time, three or four times a week for all of it. So I’ve really gotten to know each one of them very well. Last year I was running from one year group to the next, constantly forgetting names and not being able to understand each one. As a result, it’s made this year a lot more enjoyable.

On the other hand, it’s also made it very difficult to depart from. There is something particularly special about this crop of children that has made them such a pleasure to work with. I have always thought, while I’ve been there, that they’ve been really great, but today the two class teachers also said exactly the same thing to me without prompting. Some of them are so clever. Some of them are very funny. Others always have something interesting to tell you. Some of them are a little bit rowdy, yet they always win you over in the end. Then there are the ones who are a bit slow on the uptake, yet are very endearing and they make you want to work so hard to help.

Now they’re all off on their summer holidays, just like the rest of the several million schoolkids across the UK. And so am I. I am going to miss them, and it seems most of them will miss me. A lot of them kept asking me if I would be back in September, to which I had to truthfully reply that I wouldn’t. Suffice to say they were all a little disappointed at this news. But who knows what will happen in future. Never say never.

Meanwhile, on the presents stakes, I fared much better than last year. Though the teachers got more than me by a long, long way. The classroom was like a florist at the end of the day. Some of the time, effort and cost that had gone into the presents for the teachers was astonishing. One of the kids had made something with their parents which spelled out “Thank You Mrs ‘Insert-Teacher’s-Name Here'” inside a large frame. The words were entirely in paint, and formed from fingerprints. Amazing. And a lot more effort than we used to go to in my day. 11 years ago.

11 years since I left primary school. How time flies. And now I’m wanting to go back for more. I must be mad.

The summer awaits. Perhaps it will actually feel like summer soon… if we are graced with the presence of the sunshine. I don’t have anything else lined up to do though. Maybe I deserve a break. But then I’ll soon be itching to go and do something to keep me occupied. I don’t like to sit still for too long.

A hell of a lot to think about though. I will need some time to digest the future plans and what I need to do to achieve them.

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