The Patternation Consternation

I have a problem.

The school term approaches its conclusion, and, at long last, I have finally got all the names of the 60 children in the year 2 group I’m working in. As usual, too late for it to be of any use. The teachers haven’t helped, what with their continuous attempts to get me to do their paperwork for them, which takes me away from the kids and puts me in the resource area. I might occasionally get a chance to talk to them. Or rather, they like to talk to me at the very second I’m counting something, and always lose my train of thought.

But there is another problem. One of sentiment. As I have remarked in the past, sentimentality is one of the most useless of emotions. It causes us to hoard items which we have no real intention of ever using again, and in many cases, even bothering to look at again.

This is again going to be the case for me. Yesterday, it was “Other Faiths Day”. The children in Year 2 were learning about Hindu, and spent most of the day doing various activities related to Hinduism. Unfortunately, one of such was to make rangoli patterns on a template that the teachers had made. They were also asked to make these rather Hawaiian looking necklaces, but I can’t remember what they were called.

The patterns they made were all very nice. But, being a bit overenthusiastic on their colouring, they all decided that if I liked their work so much they would go and make another one. For me. Then one of them went one better and made me a necklace. Finally, another finished the job by making me a giant A3 sized drawing of their dog in the garden. Not quite sure where the Hindu theme went, but it was a nice gesture anyway.

I couldn’t exactly refuse their presents. At first I tried to resist… but I could tell they would be upset if I refused their hard work, so there was no choice. I walked out the school in the pouring rain yesterday (and so the work got a bit damaged) clutching my hard earned prizes.

Now I’m left with the tangled minefield of what to do with them. I could just bin the lot. They would never know. But sentimentality is kicking in. They are a nice reminder of my time this summer. But where the hell can they go? I already have two boxes and a shelf filled with the items I can’t get rid of. And they are only going to increase in amount as the years go by. Old exercise books from primary school are the bane of my existence. What am I supposed to do with them?

And there are only going to be more in the next week. The last week is usually filled with card making, presents for teachers and much mourning at the passing of another year. I’m hoping I don’t get too much. Then again, if I don’t get anything, I’d feel somewhat left out…

Meanwhile, I have received the prospectus from the University I’m thinking about applying to to do my PGCE in 2008. Twice. I had a problem with submitting the form first time, but it didn’t confirm they’d received it. In fact, it gave a time out error. I just thought someone would spot it and only send out one. Are humans not involved in this kind of thing any more? In any case, it’s just a copy of the material on the website. I feel I have wasted my time and the Uni’s money…

Any excuse to charge higher tuition fees…

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