Another year passes by, as I reach another birthday that is largely irrelevant. Today was my 22nd birthday, and though it was great to receive a few presents and well wishes from people, it was really not worth celebrating. My life is flashing by… and the only purpose a birthday seems to serve is to constantly remind me of that fact.

The only benefit they do have is to draw a line under the previous year of my life. It is an arbitrary line, of course, but it’s as good a place to draw one as anywhere. It means that everything that has gone is now best forgotten. What matters is what is ahead. By breaking life down into year-by-year plans into the future, I keep focussed on what I can achieve right now.

It has been, on balance, a Good Year. It was mostly dominated by the drudgery of working for an MP in London, but, at the very least, it is something very few other people have done while they’re still studying for a degree. Plus, living and working in London was something brand new anyway, which is always appreciated. I like the challenge of taking on new things. And succeeding. Which I believe I did.

But, like I said, what matters now is the next year. Every day is another one worth being grateful for, I know that, but sometimes I fail to appreciate it. This year I have to change that mentality. Because every day is going to be pretty busy over the next year, as I finally get to finish my degree. This time next year, I will be a graduate, at long last. But this year I also must get my plans into place for what I will do the following year. Eyes on the prize.

Perhaps this is why I have been so relentless in my thoughts about the future and what it might bring in the past few weeks. A number of my recent posts have been all about what I want to do with myself… maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something. It is a bit unusual that I have been doing so much thinking lately. My brain is beginning to hurt. I could do with a break. Yet I really have no time for it.

The targets for the coming year:

a) Graduate successfully
b) Apply and get accepted for PGCE
c) Investigate Student Associates. Again
d) Referee course?
e) Plan something for next summer
f) Have fun

Ideally, I need to get all six of those. Though (f) may be sacrificed in order to achieve (a).

Off we go…

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