The Treble

Life has a habit of moving in stages for me, and Friday was yet another demonstration of that. After waiting for months to find out what’s going on with my new house when I move back to Hull in September, I got the news at long last that I had to fill in some forms. Why it took them three months to tell me this I really don’t know. It seems that if one of my future housemates hadn’t gone in the other day to check that everything was OK, nothing would have happened. But he did so, and that got them to check their files… Now everything is sorted. Good.

Later on that day, feeling quite pleased with the progress made, I decided to send a text to the person who moved into my house in London, asking them why they hadn’t sent me my ties back after I left them there by accident. They have been there for four weeks now, and they promised me they would send them back pretty much as soon as they found them, which was just hours after I left the house. This was an awkward situation. They were doing me a favour… I can’t exactly demand they return them. But they did promise. I had already sent a reminder… so this time I had to send a rather polite but firm request. I have said that I will send them the money to cover the costs. So I sent the text, and seconds later got a reply saying “OK, no problem”. So what’s the delay? I’m still not sure that I’ll ever see my ties again, but maybe there’s now just a chance…

Less than an hour later, my phone rang. It was my former landlord… the news just in, that he had just put a cheque in the post to me sending my deposit back. £450 worth of it – the entire amount. That was really good news. I was worried that he was going to start deducting money here, there and everywhere for trivial things. But it’s all there (my housemate also got the same amount) and so my financial situation will start to look a little more healthy again. In any case, that money will go towards the new deposit on my new house, plus the first month’s rent. It’s great to be paying less than half per month than what I was in London. I won’t have to conduct quite so much penny-pinching any more… though as a student, I am, of course, obliged to be very tight-fisted anyway.

As Fridays go, it was definitely one of the better ones. This unprecedented level of “getting on with things” will no doubt mean the next few weeks are an unbearably slow period of tedium.

Meanwhile, my job in school is going really well. This time, I am just working with Year 2 pupils… and it’s really got me thinking. It is very different when you work with the younger children, but it has its own charms. This has surprised me somewhat, as I was convinced that I would only want to work with older primary school age (Key Stage 2 as it’s called). But these past few weeks have really showed me that I could work with the younger ones as well and enjoy it as much. This is excellent news for me, as working with all of the age groups is an essential part of the PGCE Primary course.

The only down side at the moment is the appalling weather. So far, I’d say this is the worst summer I can remember. We had a couple of days of warm sunshine at the start of June, and since then it’s been rain, more rain, cold wind and storms. That is set to continue. This time last year we were in the middle of a heatwave. I hate looking out the window and seeing miserable darkness… it’s supposed to be summer! There’ll be plenty of time for all this rain and coldness in the autumn and winter. We get enough of it as it is…

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