In Praise of Gordon

You know things must be going well when you suddenly realise that it’s been a long time since you posted, and the only reason for that is that you’ve been so busy. Which I have.

Since my post last Tuesday, I have been extremely busy in the school helping out where I can. Which is almost everywhere at the moment as I’m working in Year 2. Year 2, with kids aged 6/7 (mostly 7 now) is quite demanding on the teachers, due to the pressures of the end of year SATs exams. They are out the way now, but they have resulted in a large amount of paperwork, which I have been helping with. Plus I’ve been doing the usual display work, and this time I’ve been helping out a lot with the additional teacher assessments, which is quite fun, but somewhat soul-destroying. It’s awful when you have one of the less-able children to ask questions to, and they get every single one of them wrong.

On top of that, on Saturday it was my nephew’s birthday, which resulted in a good celebration for all the family. We had hired out a local function room and invited as many people as we could. It went very well, and, as I helped out a lot, it was quite rewarding when it all went smoothly. It’s always good to see all the family anyway. First proper chance I’ve had since I’ve got back.

Then on Sunday it was the last match of the season for my brother’s football team. Or rather, my football team, since I am still a Club Official. We did appallingly badly, as usual, but there is a certain level of optimism about the future now, as the summer presents us with the opportunity to ring the changes. Plus, there is a genuine chance that the whole enterprise could expand in future, which is the kind of talk I like to hear. I love running this football team, and it would be my ambition in life to be involved in the administration of a very large grassroots youth football movement. I suppose it doesn’t necessarily have to be of my own making, but it’s good to at least get the experience together now. At the moment we only have one age group, but, with all of our procedures in place, there will be no reason why we couldn’t expand that.

And the top hat on everything at the moment is the weather. Which apparently is not going to last. Though it might be nice to have a brief respite as I did get sunburnt a bit on Sunday at the tournament, and it’s stinging in the strong sunshine.

So I’m quite happy, and if things carry on this way, my next post will be some months away. But I’m convinced that won’t happen. The only thing I have to moan about at the moment is the fact that I still haven’t got my ties back from the person who moved into my former house in London (after I foolishly left them hanging on my bedroom door). It’s extremely annoying, but I’m trying to push those negative thoughts away. I will have to call her…

Oh, and my new computer is excellent. Mind you, it should be, the money it cost. Well, I guess it was time for a little reward… though since it’s come out of my student loan I’m only going to pay it back in future. With interest. Thanks, Gordon.

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