Cursed #2

This morning, on the day I’m about to start working in the local school again, I have woken up with a big puffed up eyelid over my left eye.

I cannot believe the appalling timing. Just when things were slowly working themselves out (though I am still waiting for a pathetic eBay seller to send an item I bought last Tuesday) this kind of nonsense happens. Working with kids, some of the world’s biggest critics, it is not ideal to give them ammunition. Of course, nobody’s perfect, but if it makes you look like you’ve gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson it seems like an avoidable position to be in.

I can only hope that it goes away during the day. It already feels slightly less bulging now but that might just be because I’m getting used to the weird sensation above my left eye. I’ve put an ice cube on it but it’s not doing enough quickly enough.


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