At this present moment in time, it is becoming extremely difficult for me to keep my attempts to be more positive about life in place. In my family, we have always laughed and joked about the fact that things seem to go wrong rather more often than you might expect, but the frequency of such events in the past few days (ever since I got back on Sunday) is now becoming so great that it really is making me wonder.

Take today, a new load of computery bits was meant to be turning up. I had ordered them and was told that I wouldn’t get them until the 6th of June. But it seems the company decided to send them early. Great.

Normally Citylink deliver in the afternoon. I have never lived anywhere where Citylink deliver in the morning – Hull, London and many times before here at home. Until today. While I was out in the garden talking to my mum and dad about this very witty observation, Citylink were knocking at the front door. Only no one could hear it. Of course, there was my brother sitting in the front living room, right next to the front door. But he decided not to answer it. Thanks, bro.

Citylink decided not to leave a card, which makes me think they will be back later. I hope so. But right now I could be building my new computer, instead of sitting here moaning about it. Waiting. And waiting some more.

Yesterday my dad effectively threw in the towel on the football team we run together, thanks to the non-attendance of the useless kids involved. So that’s pretty much the end of that. In any case, it had been raining all day – and in fact it has rained every Wednesday (footie training day) here at home for the past few weeks. And it was freezing. So much for the summer. Another case of the curse striking.

The phone rings this morning. My dad has been waiting to hear from the hospital for a new appointment for ages. They have a cancellation and can fit him in tomorrow! Too bad, my mum and dad have gone away for the rest of the week.

Meanwhile, my dad said he would buy me a new monitor if I gave him my old computer. Not a bad deal as families go. So he ordered it. Only, the order has completely vanished from the systems of I have e-mailed them, of course, but as yet no reply, though the Google Checkout system claims to have billed my dad’s credit card. On closer inspection of the online credit card system, it hasn’t gone on the bill yet. But £500 of something else has. My dad swears that he hasn’t bought anything on this credit card for ages, and in fact the balance was in credit at the previous statement. Yet now there is a big charge that is not yet described as to what it is for. Credit card fraud, maybe? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Then I bought something on Ebay. Only cost £4, and I paid immediately with Paypal, as always. Still no reply. Not answering e-mails. Could I be about to suffer my first ever bad experience on Ebay?

Worst of all, the sun is now shining. It’s been miserable ever since I got back. Now it is the perfect sitting in the garden weather. Only I can’t, because if I do I’ll probably miss the second attempt at delivery.

Other than all of the above, it’s great to be home.

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