A Fitting End

It’s been a tumultuous year working for my MP. It has been a rollercoaster of madness, lunacy, bizarre twists and frustration. That’s been thanks to my MP, who is one of the biggest ditherers I’ve ever met. But it’s been an entertaining one, and I’ve got on well with him.

However, what was more important was that I got on well with the people who worked with me all day every day. And fellow party colleagues. That was relatively easy though, because they were all such nice people. Mostly.

I officially leave tomorrow, though today was the last day my MP will see me. So it felt like my last, as the leaving presents and cards were handed out. But any ambitions of having a nice, quiet send off were short-lived. It’s been another chaotic day, with the diary arrangements up in smoke (courtesy of the MP), running back and forward trying to deal with the frantic pace at which he leads his life, getting to things late, or only just on time by the skin of his teeth… while we pick up the pieces.

So it made perfect sense that the final day with my MP would be pretty much the same as just every other day with him. In truth, his office is in open revolt at the moment, and we are a little concerned that his actions are going to finish his career off very soon, but that doesn’t stop him. In many respects, I’m not sad to be leaving at this moment, as I’m certain that there is a lot of bad news to come his way over the next year or so. But he likes to live his life on the edge, taking tonnes of risks that are probably unnecessary, but seems to come out of most of them unscathed. That is just normal to him. If one day one of those risks results in his unravelling, then he will probably go down with no regrets.

He is just about to take another such gamble. Only time will tell what the outcome will be.

For me, it is time to move on. It’s been great to work there, but I don’t think I’d enjoy doing it day in, day out for the rest of my life. Or even another year. Life is just too short to spend all your time doing one thing in a job that has no career prospects apart from moving to a different sector where the knowledge of the inner workings of Parliament come in very useful (e.g. charity/pressure groups/NGO lobbying, think tanks, senior party policy advisers). But not really fancying any of those, I think it’s a good point to stop.

It ended with my MP flying off on holiday (forgetting all his briefings, taxi money and, of course, the tickets), and it started back in October when my MP returned from holiday (late) and brought all manner of chaos on the office.

Sometimes life has a beautiful symmetry and a cheeky sense of humour.

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