Lucky Strike

Though I would say my new found positivity has not exactly been a triumph yet, largely due to the fact that the only positivity I can muster at the moment is about me finally leaving here, there was definitely cause for celebration this week…

On Thursday I remembered that there was a small bit of goodness waiting for me. Some time back the company who provides interns from America invited everyone in our office to an evening in their corporate box at the football team Spurs. They were playing at home to Blackburn Rovers on Thursday evening. That’s good in itself, but the fact that there was a box, plus free hospitality couldn’t be missed.

So off me and my office chums trundled to White Hart Lane. The food was good, the free drink was even better. Then the plate came around.

“What’s this?” I asked the person sitting next to me who I’d been feigning an interest in what they do for the past 15 minutes.

“The first goal sweepstake” came the reply.

On first thoughts I was going to push the plate past me, not being much of a risk taker. But I soon realised that this probably would be a bad thing. There were several eyes on me, and, not wanting to stand out in this awkward moment, I chipped in. At £1 a go, it was not really a problem. So I plumped for the next time available, 31-35 minutes, and paid the dues.

The match begun, and I rushed out to the very comfortable seats outside. The view was excellent, but the first half of the game itself was not much to write home about. There was a lot of action up and down the field, but very little in the way of chances.

Until the 31st minute. Spurs had a corner. The ball floated in… the header was on target. Surely!

No. No power. Straight to the goalie’s gloves.

The first real chance of the game, and it fell in my time slot for the sweep. There wouldn’t be any more chances now.

Disappointed, I slumped back in my chair. I watch the Blackburn goalkeeper throw the ball upfield, and a hop, skip and a jump later, three quick passes, a cross, a header, a goal.

The time – 32 minutes.

I felt like celebrating. But I couldn’t, because the only people celebrating in the ground were the few hundred Blackburn supporters penned in the upper corner of the opposite stand. A bet, made just to fit in, hauled in the grand total of £15. The first bit of money I’d earned since last year.

So I remained dignified as I was celebrated with a few handshakes. What a delight to take away the money of people who take home vast sums of money each year. The redistribution of wealth was in full flow that evening.

The win made me smile. And it also made the game more interesting. The second half was much better, Spurs pressing hard, getting chances, and Blackburn struggling to contain but with the odd chance. In the end Spurs got a goal, and should have won it at the very end but for the post saving Blackburn.

I finally got home at 12:30am, and went straight to bed. Not bad for a day spent not working. More on that story next time…

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