Yes – it was that time of year again on Thursday… election time. And as a political junkie, it was my duty to stay up all night and follow the excitement. And yes, there was plenty of it, thank you very much.

It was a struggle, but I managed to get through the entire evening, get a couple of hours sleep between 6am and 8am Friday morning, and then go in to work for 10am. In fact, the two hours sleep was so successful in recharging my batteries that I didn’t feel tired at all during the whole of Friday. It was a little struggle after lunch, when I felt a bit lethargic, but otherwise it was quite easy. I managed to get through to 11:30pm, Friday night, which is mighty impressive. To me.

There’s something about the all nighter that is just very exciting. But it’s always the same – as soon as you get to around about 6am, your brain begins to die. You crave the sleep. These are difficult hours. The option is, of course, to go to sleep for your normal length of time. But then you completely ruin your sleep pattern. You could try to stay awake all day… but it’s very difficult to resist sleeping during the early morning because there’s nothing much to do to keep you awake. Once you’re up and about doing stuff during the day, it tends to wear off… though you tend to suffer the rather amusing bouts of knowing-you’re-making-a-mistake-and-not-doing-anything-to-stop-yourself mode.

But then there’s the Third Way. Yes – just taking an hour or two as a power nap. You will wake up with a bit of a headache but it soon goes once you get active. Then you can have an ordinary, tedious day doing whatever it is you like to do.

Unfortunately for me, that was going to work. But Parliament was so dead on Friday that I virtually had nothing to do all day. I might as well have stayed at home…

But instead, I trundled on. Luckily, the bank holiday weekend is here, so I could have an extended period of recovery. Saturday was spent doing little other than watching the football results come in, watching Doctor Who and not much else.

On Sunday I relaxed some more by going to watch some cricket – something I’ve never done before. I saw Middlesex beat Gloucestershire in what ended up a pretty close game. That was a lot of fun. Of course, if you don’t like cricket, you will disagree. But if you love it, for £15 you can’t beat it for a whole day’s entertainment. I brought my own packed lunch, had the choice of seats and sat in the mild sunshine all day. And Lords is a really excellent venue. I could just imagine it being a fantastic atmosphere when filled to the brim with fans at a Twenty 20 or international game.

However, the bit that provided the most value was the fans sitting a few rows behind me. They were a group of lads, around the mid 20s, clearly having one too many. But that made them all the more entertaining. They were utterly harmless, and I think everyone else in the crowd realised that. They were from London, but for some reason had decided that Gloucestershire would be the one to support, and so they did all their chants of support in a Gloucester accent. And support they did. Their shouts to the players could be heard all round the stadium, and their appeals to Gloucester to “do it for the apples” largely fell on deaf ears. But the players rolled with it, and a couple of them even responded to the “give us a wave” chants. All around me the fans were as amused as I was. Which rather shattered the stereotype I had in my mind of all cricket fans being stuck up middle-class toffs. Fair play to the ground staff for not chucking them out, or maybe they were afraid to…

And now we’re here on Bank Holiday Monday. It’s miserable outside – we’re getting some rain at last. But I don’t mind… anything for a day off work!

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