Three Step Plan

After a tremendously quiet weekend, I’m actually looking forward to going into work. Which I never thought I’d hear myself say. Though there has, at least, been some progress made here.

The first is rather trivial – I have been planning to buy the parts and build a new computer for ages. It seems I spent the entire Saturday researching all the advances in computer technology since I last made a computer (this one is nearly three years old) and then finding the bits that I would need to make my dream come true. And choking at the cost. Sometimes I wonder why I bother making my own computers. In the past it was always cheaper than buying a pre-assembled one from PC World… but now the likes of Dell have made it very good value. These days the cost is almost the same, and when you take into account the time it takes (and hassle, there’s always hassle) it probably works out more expensive to make your own.

But I like it. I like the fact that my PC will be customised just the way I want it to be. And again, it keeps me up to date with all the changes that have happened – and there have been a lot, that’s for sure.

The second is more of a challenge. I have finally told myself that I would like to do a football referee training course. I need to get myself some hobbies that give me something to do in my spare time that get me outside the house. It’s all well and good playing the guitar, piano, drums and singing, but they don’t tend to get me out all that much. Unless I did some busking. Now there’s a thought. But this idea would be something I would enjoy (I think!) and it would encourage me to be a bit more active too. I’m thinking too about my future life, and looking back at all the tedious weekends I’ve spent here… and refeering would a very good solution to that because it solves the “too much downtime” question.

The third is more broad. I have decided that I really must be more positive in my outlook on life. I’m sick of thinking about how bad things could get, and how there are many mistakes I’ve made. It’s just no use to me doing that. I have to refocus and concentrate on what I want to achieve. I am where I am right now, for good and for bad. But the past is now irrelevant, and the only changes I can make are here in the present. I have to start looking at my objectives in life and start breaking them down into smaller goals that I can achieve in the short term. I need to stop filling my head with thoughts that say “I can’t do that” before I’ve even tried.

I can be positive, but it often feels uncomfortable for me. If I practice being positive more often, it will become second nature in no time, and then my whole outlook on life will change.

In theory.

Look, there I am being negative again…