At the moment, there is peace.

I am writing this from the office of my MP. He is away. There’s just me and one other person here. One of my workmates left on Wednesday, so it’s much quieter here now. But Fridays are often like that around here anyway. Quiet, but generally quite efficient, as long as I’ve left enough work for myself. Because when the MP is not here, there is no one to generate things to do.

And today there is nothing to do as I cleared all the backlog yesterday. The reason for that was so that I could be late in to work and await a parcel collection this morning. That went well as the collection was around 10:30, which allowed me to get some cleaning and washing done while I was waiting. Then stroll into work for 11:30am. Perfect. And then I will leave at 4pm. An ideal day. A shame they can’t all be like this.

Obviously, I’m now back in London, and as before it’s like water off a duck’s back – I’m now very used to just settling back down and getting on with it. I returned on Monday, and it went so smoothly that it couldn’t have been any better. The sun was shining, it was warm… I got back at 4pm, which allowed me to go shopping and enjoy the rest of the evening… a nice way to readjust to life on my own.

And I am on my own at the moment, as my jobless housemate is still not back from his holiday. And, obviously, there is no real reason for him to do so, apart from the fact that he’s paying for a house he’s not living in, though I could be accused of the same thing with my two week Easter break.

So it means that the peace is even more extensive. Home is quiet. But not too quiet – as it’s normally filled with my music or me singing, playing the keyboard or playing the guitar. The kind of things that I love doing but can’t when my housemate is there. So it’s not really peace. It would be “peace” if my housemate was there, but I don’t think I can stand the awkwardness.

Though I am going to have to. For five weeks. That’s OK. It will soon fly by. This week has already disappeared. Everything is going smoothly. Suspiciously so. Something must be going to go wrong soon. It’s just too easy at the moment.

Will I ever learn to just sit back and enjoy it when the good things are happening? Or will my life forever be a moan about either a) current doom; or b) impending doom? Come back next time to find out if my sense of foreboding is right!

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