Holiday Reflections

It’s always at this point of my stays back home that I start to feel depressed. It’s the depression that brings me to acceptance that in a few days I will be going back to my “normal” life of a student. Though, of course, this year has not been studenty in any ordinary sense of the word.

London awaits, which is probably better than the exams that would have been waiting for me if I’d changed to the three-year politics course. Though I’m only delaying them for a year. But at least this year will be all over very soon. And it will probably fly by. Once I go back on Monday, there will be just six full weeks of work to go. Which means I have to get my dissertation research completed in this time. I am looking forward to the end, but not to having no excuse to not write my dissertation…

I’ve spent the past week just doing all the usual holiday stuff. It’s been great to relax and escape the tedium of my MP’s office, and it seems I made the right decision given that everyone else also decided to take almost a week off work as well. Things must be dead back there. But they won’t be next week, as election fever will be in full swing. I may even clock in a few hours at my MP’s constituency to help out, which would be a good way to get out of the office.

The good thing about next week is the third and final dose of the student loan also comes through for me. Which is nice, as it means I will have a way to pay my final rent instalment. Which is also very nice. I had grown to dread the 23rd of every month, as it is the day on which I pay my rent. But April 23rd will be the last ever time I do so, to this landlord at least. So I will be slightly richer after then. Though, of course, I’m only spending money that is loaned to me. In reality, the debt mountain to the government just piles higher and higher.

So, the end is nigh, which is an exciting prospect. I’m looking forward to the summer, and hopefully I can get a job for June and July sorted out on Monday. But the end is also nigh for this holiday.

There are just a few bits of unfinished business. The first of which is a pair of shoes that I ordered on the internet – clearly specifying size 11, but they have gone and sent me size 12. Idiots.

The second bit is the small matter of a cup semi final. No, not the FA Cup. The U13 cup for my brother’s football team. That’s on Sunday, against the hardest opposition in the league. No one expects anything. But there’s always a dream.

Shame my camera isn’t working. Bloody thing broke down after just 9 months. But that’s good – since they will now have to replace it or refund me (very likely since the model is now discontinued). Sometimes things work out quite well…