At Last

After nearly 12 weeks in London, I am finally back home again. This is quite a relief as I can finally relax for a bit. Though there is not much relaxing around here in my family.

Unfortunately, the first phase of my plan of action once I got back didn’t go very well. I was always intending to go to the school I worked in last year over summer on the very first day back, which was yesterday. I did that – only they were not as efficient as I hoped they would be. As usual, the person I wanted to see was “in a meeting” – and so the natural consequence was that I now have to come back on the first day of the new term. Luckily, I don’t travel back to London until later that afternoon on the 16th of April. But I do have an agreement in principle for me to work there again, which is essential to stop me going crazy after my time in London is over.

Amongst all the other things I had to do when I got back was the usual fixing of the computers. Once again, my family had managed to completely wreck their systems, which meant the diet of formatting and reinstalling Windows to get rid of the persistent viruses was the only solution. Well, there probably is another solution, but the time involved is just too long. Format gets rid of the buggers. They managed to wreck this system in record time, given that I only reinstalled everything around here last Christmas. It seems no amount of anti-spyware and anti-virus software is able to stop whatever it is they do to damage the computer. Madness.

The worst part about returning home is the fact that we don’t have a shower here – just a bath. Baths just take so long, and I’ve been trying to convince my parents ever since we moved here 11 years ago now to get one. It seems the message is finally getting through, and there are plans afoot to put one in. Whether it ever happens or not is another thing. But the real problem is the fact that there is only one bathroom for six people, often eight when my sister and nephew come around. It means terrible days like today, when I need to shave, can be made much worse. No sooner the shaving gel goes on do you hear that knock on the door of someone wanting a wee. Or worse.

But it’s just great to be back amongst lots of other communicative humans after having lived with just the Sacked Housemate for company, which is a contradiction in terms. It was particularly great to go to the football training last night and hear all the usual banter, geed up by the fact that the team have now won three games in a row. Sunday will be a crunch match, and I’m sure I will be there to see them lose. I have never seen them win, which is very annoying after all the work that goes in!

Overall: it is good to be home.

UPDATE: my brother’s football team won. Woohoo. But in other bad news, my digital camera broke. So I couldn’t take any pictures of them winning. Bah.

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