Simple Things

Life continues at its tedious pace, though today I decided to make as much of the sunshine as I could by going for a little wander. So happy was I to feel some warmth coming from the sun that there seemed to be no remaining excuse to do nothing all day, as has been normal the past few weekends.

I decided that I should explore the local area. Given that I’ve now been living here since September last year, it seemed a bit ridiculous that I didn’t really know what lies just around the corner, but I have never needed to go that way. So I pulled out the map and plotted a course around the town that would finally allow me to open my eyes.

Well, it wasn’t that exciting, really. Just different types of houses, and, shock horror, other people. That’s what’s weird about the estate I’m currently living on. There never seems to be any sign of life. I don’t know what everyone is doing, but whatever it is they don’t seem to do it here. The cars vanish, and the area becomes like a ghost town. But elsewhere that isn’t the case. There were people milling around, probably doing exactly what I was doing (i.e. nothing). I even managed to exchange some smiles with my fellow humans – very unusual given that eye contact seems to be a strict no-no around here. But it just feels like that kind of day. Everyone is enjoying it and seems to have let their guard down. There were actually people in the park, playing football, tennis, and loads of kids and parents.

Perhaps, as I write this, you’re wondering why this seems worth writing about. Well, let me repeat myself – this estate is utterly dead. These normal scenes are something rather unusual to me. It was good to see that people aren’t as miserable and as anti-social as I thought they are around here. I even had a kid of about seven years old ride past me on his bike and make a stupid noise at me. Frankly I would have been surprised if he hadn’t – he looked like he had been planning to do it all the way as he rode towards me. I was tempted to repeat the noise back at him, but once I didn’t take the opportunity in the split second that it was available, it was gone forever.

Then the text came through. The usual Sunday morning one that fills me with woe as I find out that my brother’s football team have lost. Again.

Only today it didn’t. They had won.

Suddenly the sun shone that little bit brighter. I smiled just a little bit more.

It’s true what they say about the simple things in life.