The iPod Generation

I view such phrases with a healthy degree of disdain. There’s nothing worse than seeing common branding slip into the everyday dialogue of human nature as it means the Ad Men and Women have been extremely successful at manipulating our minds into accepting that their product is the true representation of all you would ever need out of the section of the market they cover.

I have never had a music player in any form. I could never justify the expense. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want one. I think they are overused by people around me. I have no intention on using one from the second I step foot outside the house until I come home, as other people do. That would not only ruin all my favourite songs by doing them to death, but it is also a sad sign of the steady disconnection from society that the world is experiencing. A sign that people are disappearing up their own backsides. An easy way to ignore other people, in the same way that burying your head in the newspaper on the train is a good way of ensuring that you don’t have to engage with other people in an awkward social situation or people don’t intrude too much into “your” space.

But now I am going to have to test my theory to destruction. Since I have only gone and won a competition…

A month ago in work I was trawling through the rubbish mail when I picked up one of them and a card fell out, on which was a crossword with a prize of an iPod Nano. I wasn’t really bothered about the prize, but with it being a boring Friday afternoon I spent my time completing it. It was one of the hardest crosswords I’ve ever done. By the time I’d finished, I thought I might as well enter it, because how many other people will get this magazine and enter.

Seems like my calculation was right. Last week I got a call telling me I’d won. I’d completely forgotten about it, so the call out of the blue was a complete shock. I was absolutely amazed. I don’t think I’ve ever won anything. I enter quite a few competitions just for the hell of it if it doesn’t cost anything… but it seems that my luck has finally turned.

A 4GB iPod Nano. Which means that I am now an unfortunate part of the iPod generation. My first instinct was to sell it. But then I changed my mind and thought I’d give it a go. I had been wanting to buy some wireless headphones for a long time, simply because it would allow me to listen to music while not in my room, cleaning or in the garden or whatever. Well, I decided I would solve this problem by actually being able to music everywhere.

My housemate has disappeared for the weekend (more on that story next time) which gave me the perfect opportunity to engage in a bit of spring cleaning. Though now armed with my music playing device the whole process was an absolute joy. Who would have thought cleaning the toilet could be so much fun as the next random song comes on? I certainly didn’t.

So now I feel rather pleased with my decision. I could have made a fast buck from selling it, but I would only stick that in my bank account and it would disappear in the monthly rent outpouring. But now I have something that will at the very least entertain me for certain boring activities.

And will I start to use it for commuting to/from work? Probably not. Personally I think I won’t because it’s just a little hassle wiring myself up for the sake of 1/2hour of my life, and then there’s the risk it might get lost/stolen/damaged while I’m out, and then my slight annoyance at listening to other people’s music… so I wouldn’t want to now become a hypocrite.

I shall remain resolute, strong and steadfast. I will stay the course.

Only I could turn something entirely positive into a brand new moral dilemma!