When Mice Attack

This morning I woke up looking forward to a good bit of breakfast. After going shopping yesterday, I bought myself some nice bits of bready goodness that I thought I’d eat the next morning along with my usual boring Weetabix feast (well, actually Wheaty Biscuits, or whatever the Tesco own brand equivalent is). This would be a good breakfast for a change.

That was, until, I noticed that there was a rather large hole in the bag. And there is an equivalent shaped hole in the bread. Which was hollow.

Bollocks. I had left the bread on the kitchen surfaces. Big mistake. We have been having a small mice problem of late – they live underneath the sink in a very inaccessible place, and they seem to delight in being fed mouse poison. But they were not previously on the work surfaces in the kitchen. If they were there would have been the usual evidence. And I never leave anything out anyway – my food is always safely in the high cupboards.

Well, it wasn’t last night. The mice, of course, don’t miss a trick. Up they went and had a little nibble, ruining my planned breakfast feast.

I wasn’t originally that bothered about the presence of mice… they stayed in their little corner, and didn’t appear to be doing any harm or damage. I put down some mice bait to try to get rid of the little buggers though, but as far as I’m concerned it actually encouraged them. They couldn’t get enough of the stuff. Either there are millions of them in the sink cupboard, or it really is ineffective. Now that the bait has ran out, I haven’t noticed any evidence of them again.

Apart from eating my breakfast, of course. So now I really am going to have to declare war. They have committed a terrible crime, one which I can’t let them get away with.

Yes, it really has been that boring a weekend. Next week is going to be even worse as it’s recess week in Parliament. I should have took the whole week off and went away, back home preferably. But I didn’t really think that far ahead. So now I’m stuck here.

Stuck here with the mice. Perhaps I’ll hunt them down to pass the time…

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