Changing of the Housemate

After an interesting few weeks, things with my depressed housemate have came to a head. Only this time before they bubble over into something bad. Obviously his parents have become too frustrated with the fact that their son has completely shut them out of his life because his depression and alcoholism is such that he “doesn’t want anyone to worry” that he’s slowly going insane. They arrived first thing this morning and whisked him away.

They are understandably a little embarrassed. They apologised to me for having to “put up with him”. I haven’t minded that much, apart from the fact that it’s got me down and I haven’t been able to do anything about it. He’s a friend, and I’ve tried to help as much as I can… but I can see that going away for a little while is a useful solution. I hope it works, but I really can’t see it being the end to all of his problems, which are numerous.

So now he’s gone for two weeks or so. This means I have an entire house to myself, which is extremely liberating. I can sing again, I can play music loudly (though not too loud), I can play my instruments without worrying what my un-music-friendly housemate would think about it. But the major bonus is that it lifts the difficulty I have had communicating with him. It has been extremely awkward to talk to him because there has been an endless undercurrent stemming from the current problems, which neither of us is prepared to acknowledge, so it means everything feels extremely forced and filled with small talk so that we don’t have to talk about the elephant in the room.

I have my major doubts that he will finish this course at Uni now. The stress on him is now enormous, from the work that he’s missing here, to the work that he is very overdue on and the University is being very patient with him over, and the work that he will be expected to do in the future… it is all just too much.

It has also put the kybosh on my plans to visit Hull next weekend to sort out the situation with regards to where I’m intending to live next year. But, after finally having a talk with one of my former housemates in Hull, and hopefully future housemate again, including filling him in on the problems with my current housemate, I feel a lot better. We might have actually made some progress. It would be nice to go up to Hull soon though (I never thought I’d hear myself saying that) just to see everyone anyway. I miss having a good group of friends around me.

In other news: my brother’s football team finally won a game. This led to much happiness within the team. I’m just disappointed that it was in a cup game rather than in the league! We’ll only get beaten next round when we get a much worse draw.

So I’m quite happy at the moment. This is quite a rare moment. In fact, I would say it’s been some time since I’ve been this happy with how things are going. It’s an amazing feeling. But maybe true happiness is such a good feeling because we all don’t experience it all the time. If we were always stupidly happy, we wouldn’t know how lucky we are. Depression and sadness spaces out the good times – because you really can have too much of a good thing.

Time to eat.

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