GI Matt

Of all the recent diet related fads, the utterance of the two letters “GI” has got me intrigued. I have no interest or need for dieting – at the moment anyway. But I have one small problem, which is the utter bane of my existence. It is the fact that I am hungry for many hours of the day.

I can’t help it. I can eat food, even a lot of food, and I will be hungry again within two hours. In the morning I can have three Weetabix for breakfast at 7:30am, and I will be starving and thinking about lunchtime by 9:30am. The record is when I’ve had Rice Krispies for breakfast… I was hungry again in just one hour. My problem is that if I ate at all the times I was hungry, then I would, without a doubt, definitely need to diet. I would be eating six or seven times a day. Probably less each time, but I am certain that the aggregate amount would be more.

There’s another problem: if I ate in a different way, I would probably spend double on what I’m currently buying to eat. I simply can’t afford to do that.

Something is going to have to give. Some people suggest drinking water to cure hunger pains: but it doesn’t work for me. So this is where GI comes in.

Allegedly, if I eat low GI foods, they will take longer to digest, releasing energy over much longer periods of time, so I should feel less hungry. But then I look at the suggested foodstuffs: and unsurprisingly, fruit and vegetables are in there. And yet, whenever I eat fruit, I don’t even notice it having an impact on my hunger levels. In the past I’ve had a banana as a snack at 10am… and it makes no difference. Apples, grapes, oranges, strawberries… nothing whatsoever.

Maybe I don’t eat enough of them. But then I look at other low GI foods, including pasta. I can eat a whole plate of pasta (and my servings are much bigger than the miserable amount I get in work) and I can guarantee I will be hungry within a couple of hours. I might feel full afterwards, but it’s a weird kind of “full”. It’s full, yet it has an ominous feeling that tells me it will be empty very soon. Completely unlike the full feeling after Christmas dinner… which is a feeling of full that says “I hope I never have to eat again”.

I hate having to think about food. But my stomach makes me. I need a solution: something that will fill my stomach that isn’t the usual junk food. A Snickers bar will often do the trick for me – now that’s a good snack. But if I ate four of those a day inbetween meals, well… it might solve the hunger problem, but I suspect I’d end up a slightly wider version of my usual self.

And yes, I feel guilty thinking about food and the fact that there are people in the world who don’t have any. Guilt seems to be a major part of my existence. I guess that’s the old Catholic upbringing. So many dilemmas and problems in life, and yet none of them seem to have any solutions. What’s the average human supposed to do to change things?

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